Photography Courses in Raipur: Admission, Eligibility & Fees

Photography Courses in Raipur Admission, Eligibility & Fees

If you are a photography enthusiast looking for the right course around you, you’re at the right place. This blog will take you through the different Photography courses available in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, and provide you with all the necessary details about curriculum, admission, and eligibility criteria.

Understanding the Art of Photography

Photography is both an art form and a way of documentation. It is beyond capturing moments. Photos, in the hands of the right photographer, are a way of expressing creative imagination, it’s a medium of communication. It evokes emotions in the viewer and forms an attachment that most art forms can’t. Widely used in advertising, media, news, art and fashion, and journalism, it’s also a tool that captures people’s attention and conveys messages quickly and efficiently. For anyone passionate about creative photography, here’s a summary of what different courses offer.

Photography Courses in Raipur Offered by AAFT University –

For all the students who are passionate about photography, and want to pursue a career in it, we offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in photography at Raipur (Degrees and Diplomas). These courses are designed considering the fundamentals of photography and the technical and digital skills required. The curriculum focuses on empowering the students to find their niche/style and build a strong portfolio to help them connect with potential clients/employers.

1. Bachelor of Arts in Photography

We offer a 3-year Bachelor’s degree program – a comprehensive Photography course in Raipur, Chattisgarh. The course is divided into 6 semesters – each focusing on in-depth knowledge about different aspects of photography. It starts with teaching students about the fundamentals of the art form, and the techniques used in modern photography and proceeds towards more specific subjects. The learners are introduced to wildlife photography, product photography, travel photography, and much more.

Through a well-structured course, the students learn the use of VFX in photography, post-production techniques and software, an introduction to video editing, elements of photography, and their application, and develop a basic understanding of the tools and types of equipment required. Students, through various projects and assignments, are encouraged to focus on extensive research and sustainable approaches.

With the knowledge and skills, students who complete a BA in Photography are equipped to understand the changing industry requirements and make an informed choice about their career prospects.

2. Master of Arts in Photography

The 2-year Master of Arts in Photography is a course designed to train aspiring photographers to become acclaimed professionals. Divided into 4 semesters, the course introduces students to the basics of modern-day photography and trains them in post-production techniques using relevant software and the use of high-end equipment. Video-editing and production is an important component of the course enabling students to work in advertising and film production for print and audio-visual media as well as OTT.

Over the course of the program, they learn the details of art and fashion photography, photojournalism, and other niches and the nuances involved in each of these. Our highly qualified, expert facilitators prepare students for the dynamism in the corporate world and impart to them the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the industry.

3. Diploma in Photography

The Diploma course in Photography available in Raipur is a 1-year program aimed at providing a holistic understanding of the field and a practical approach to pursuing a photography career.

Divided into 2 semesters, the course focuses on the basics of photography, retouching photos, and an introduction to post-production tools and techniques. It equips students with an understanding of the art form that would enable them to specialize in a niche they are interested in.

The curriculum is dedicated to guiding the learners to create a strong portfolio representing their interests and skills that would help them carve their way into the industry.

Curriculum Overview of the Photography Courses Offered by AAFT University

The Diploma course in Photography offered at our Raipur campus is a brief and comprehensive program that involves training students in the basics of photography, the tools and equipment required, and post-production processes in the first semester. The second and concluding semester focuses on different niches and includes a detailed study of editing techniques and portfolio creation. Students exhibit the best of their artwork at the end of the course

The BA program provides students with a detailed and thorough knowledge of the basics of photography, tools, advertising and photojournalism, what and how of the editing techniques, and the communication skills required to work in corporate. The second and third years (3rd-6th semesters) are focused on training students in different styles and niches, introducing them to VFX, details of video editing, post-production processes, portfolio-building, and more. Completed with an 8-year industry training and knowledge of research and entrepreneurship, the curriculum is structured to suit the demands of the growing industry.

The MA program is divided into 4 semesters. The first two semesters introduce students to the fundamentals of photography, nuances of the industry across the globe, principles of photography, high-end image editing, advertising, and journalistic approaches. The syllabus includes details about different genres of photography and advanced post-production techniques. The 3rd semester is dedicated to different niches, video production and editing, the importance of research, and the use of the latest software. The course concludes with a dissertation project and building a portfolio in the 4th semester.

Unique Features and Opportunities at AAFT University

We offer a diverse range of curriculums, complete with lectures by acclaimed professionals and workshops and seminars with Industry experts.

The institute regularly organizes Photowalks for students of both degree and diploma courses. Through these, they can explore their craft and perfect their techniques, while exchanging creative insights and constructive feedback amongst their peers.

Trained in various styles and well-versed in a number of relevant software, our students get to work with clients in India and around the globe and are recruited by some of the top companies in the Industry.

Admission Process and Requirements for Photography Courses at AAFT University

If you are willing to pursue an undergraduate degree (BA) or Diploma in photography, you would be required to complete your 10+2 with any subjects or have an equivalent degree. To enroll in the Master’s degree or PG diploma programs, you would have to complete your graduation (3 or 4 years) or have an equivalent degree.

The online application for all of these photography courses at the Raipur campus is available on our website. The candidates who want to submit an offline application form, you can visit the admission office on campus between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Weekdays barring the national holidays. You are required to submit a registration fee of 15600 INR for the degree courses and 10600 INR for diploma courses*. You can find the notice and other updates about the admission procedures after logging into the website.

Once the application forms are submitted you can appear for an online test – AAFT Global Entrance Exam (GEE) followed by an online/offline PI. For the students applying for the UG/PG diploma courses, the institute conducts a personal interview only. You can expect the result of this test within 3 days. All the candidates are sent a confirmation regarding their eligibility status following which they can report to the campus for a document verification and submission of the first round of course fee.

*This fee is subject to refund based on your selection status.

Success Stories

Our alumni work as creative professionals across industries and niches. With their knowledge, skills, and expertise, they have been recruited from campus interviews by some of the top brands and MNCs.

AAFT alumni have found their callings as photographers in every field. From fashion, product, and art photography, to wildlife photography, advertising, photojournalism, and much more – we are proud to have been a part of their professional endeavors.


The journey toward becoming an expert in what you are passionate about is beautiful. AAFT offers different courses keeping in mind the industry requirements and the latest developments in the field. The photography courses available at the Raipur University campus are well-designed and rigorously planned to prepare future professionals. Check out our website or reach out to us for more details about the courses.

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