CEO’s Message


Akshay Marwah

AAFT University of Media and Arts is becoming a brand name that attracts best talent in the industry. It believes in simplifying challenges and competitions step by step. The courses are designed to equip students with skills, abilities and knowledge that will enable them to excel in entertainment industry and climb up the corporate ladder. Finding newer ways of overcoming challenges, we are working strongly with latest and most innovative methodologies for the growth of the university as well as career growth of media and arts aspirants.
The standardized education delivery methodology and excellent class room discussions at AAFT ensure perfect & consistent coaching. We lay emphasis on profound visualization since an intricate can be understood better with the support of correct visual aids. It helps a great deal in spotting the talent early, thus giving a head start in dynamics of careers and competitions.
Leading practitioners from diverse industry backgrounds and Bollywood & Hollywood specialists share their insights, review curriculum periodically and reinforce winter internship based on activities rather than on theoretical learning.
Recognizing and managing paradigm shifts, AAFT learning system functions in a transparent manner imparting students pursuing degree and/or diploma programs an artistic and professional approach in film making, animation, television, graphic design, industrial design, 3D design, visual communication, fashion design, advertising, photography and more.
As a Pro Chancellor/ Founder of this university, I extend a hearty invitation to you all to enroll yourself for the courses offered here. Best wishes.