Over time AAFT University research focus has expanded to include Cinema studies, Broadcast television, Video art, Digital media, Fine arts, Visual arts, Journalism and Mass Communication, visual communication Fashion and Interior design, Photography, Animation and Media management for nurturing the next generation of artists and scholars.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree is bestowed and awarded for advanced studies wherein the student demonstrates outstanding original scholarship. It connotes the student can conduct independent research and has both a broad basic knowledge of all areas of his or her field and rigorous and in-depth knowledge of one field in particular. Our students from the Media and Arts captivated and enthralled us with amazing research works.

Internationalization is a concept of transformation, which covers all aspects of University activities, adopting an international dimension to research, teaching and administration. It embraces a number of inter-related areas, including international: institutional profile, experience, networks, mobility, partnerships, and alumni.

AAFT envision a great opportunity to embrace and develop on our existing international strengths and relationships, international reach of the AAFT community through our alumni, our services, teaching, research, and partnerships throughout the world.


  • International student experience through strong global communities of Media, Arts and Culture
  • Intellectual diversity and research collaborations
  • Greater transnational higher education presence
  • Promoting a culture that embraces internationalization and artistic representation

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