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B.Sc in Interior Design

Does the art of architecture and interiors excite you? Turn your interest into a successful career with a 3-year B.Sc Interior Design degree.

We will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of contemporary interior design methods and how the use of colour, lighting, layout, fabrics, and furniture can transform the space we live in. This course will prepare students to create unique interior spaces in domestic, retail, commercial, and institutional settings. It also provides knowledge about new design trends, building materials, furniture design, and Vaastu science principles.

Key Takeaways

  • Developing the visualization skills for interior design
  • Develop skills of creating murals and perspective drawing
  • Learning about architectural styles of temples and monuments
  • How color and light are the most crucial aspect of art and design
  • How to design furniture pieces
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Student Projects

All our Interior Designing courses are designed to offer comprehensive practical training to the students. As a part of the curriculum, students design their furniture, makeover spaces, etc., to build a unique sense of style while mastering the technicalities involved in the field.

2D & 3D drawings on sheets
2D & 3D drawings on Software
Preparing technical drawings
Preparing material board


Semester 1

  • Focus on developing aesthetic, intellectual, and technological abilities of students by integrating theory and practice.
  • Learn to do hand sketching.
  • Exploring the use of a drawing tool (pencil) as a measuring device to compose the object on the page and get a more accurate sense of proportion while drawing.
  • Explore the usage of various materials in interior designing
  • Learning basic terminology used in Interior designing.

Semester 2

  • Importance of fabrics in interior designing and home furnishing
  • Developing knowledge about the application of various building construction materials, like glass, PVC, acrylic, etc, as per the design.
  • Understanding the relevance of the right size and proportion used in construction.
  • Developing a systematic design approach and space planning.
  • Importance of using the right technology for construction.
  • How to design furniture pieces by taking inspiration from history.
  • How to design residential furniture by using the elements as per customer requirements.
  • Developing knowledge of state laws regarding residential spaces.

Semester 3

  • The students will be taught about different types of lifestyle products used in various eras in history and how to design interior spaces effectively.
  • Studying various architectural styles of temples and monuments through field visits
  • Gaining knowledge of atmosphere, thermal properties, and lighting requirements of different spaces as per their geographical location.
  • Studying arches, staircases, panels, partitions, etc., will enhance technical and design knowledge
  • Learning to design furniture for various segments keeping in mind the parameters of economy and culture.
  • Learning to produce floor plans and elevation with the help of computer-aided drafting.

Semester 4

  • Tracing the history of architecture through various traditions, regions, stylistic trends, and dates.
  • Understanding the technical features like elevator technology, drainage system, duct system, water distribution system, and different lighting types to create an adequate building space.
  • Educating students about computer-aided 3D printing for illustrating interior design ideas.

Semester 5

  • To impart the knowledge of estimate and costing so that the students can efficiently prepare time schedules and budgets.
  • What is the importance of Vaastu Shastra in interior designing.
  • How to create a green and sustainable design
  • Understanding the target market and plan the business accordingly.
  • How to work with 3Ds Max in the interior design industry
  • Learn to develop the product right from sourcing raw material to its finishing level.

Semester 6

  • Students will be asked to create a graduating design collection by implementing the knowledge they have acquired in previous semesters.
  • Learning to communicate design details by choosing the right technique of photography.
  • Students will be asked to make a product portfolio.

Job roles/Career Prospects

The course will prepare you for a wide variety of roles in business.

Industry links

Many of the staff who currently teach on this course have extensive professional experience in a range of business sectors and many maintain links with industry through consultancy and training work.

Through our Alumni Voices series, you’ll also hear from former postgraduate Marketing students, who will share experiences, including those who work for global media groups or have established their own marketing consultancies.




We boast a team of highly qualified professors who are acclaimed practitioners in their respective industries. The team is dedicated to helping students prepare themselves for a successful career and life through their enriched insights and experience.


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure boasts industry-relevant advanced studios, labs, high-end equipment, the latest I-Macs and windows systems with relevant software, etc., to ensure that students get a first-hand understanding of industry concepts and work.


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