Sandeep Marwah

Chancellor, AAFT University of Media and Arts, Raipur

Sandeep Marwah is an International Media Person well-known for building and strengthening the global media and arts community. He has seven world records to his credit, along with 700+ awards & accolades from all over the world for his contribution to the film, media and art sphere.
Positioned as Chancellor at AAFT University, he is the principal executive and policy-making body here. He firmly believes that media and arts have the power to impact people’s minds, ideas, and values strongly. Hence, he diligently takes the responsibility to educate, strengthen, and promote media & creative arts aspirants by ensuring a conducive platform at AAFT University.

Sandeep Marwah
Sandeep Marwah

Akshay Marwah

CEO, AAFT University of Media and Arts, Raipur

Akshay Marwah is a Delhi-based Educationist who persistently implements advanced managerial strategies to nurture talents at AAFT University in the most efficient manner. An alumnus of London Business School and New York Film School, his young and dynamic approach to education methodologies has become the driving force for the University.
He plays a key role in instituting sustainable growth and leveraging deep relationships by combining different business practices. Along with this, he governs the academic matters of the University to ensure that a progressive structure of professional education is established and followed.

Mohit Marwah

Managing Director, AAFT University of Media and Arts, Raipur

Mohit Marwah, who has in-depth experience in business management and creative arts, adds a novel and multidimensional approach to the University’s maneuvers. A renowned actor known for his performance in movies like Fugly and Raagdesh, he strongly believes in harnessing the true power of creativity.
He strives to ensure that every student at AAFT gets the opportunity to put their potential to the best use. With his extraordinary managerial abilities, he plays a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and productivity in the University’s operations.

Sandeep Marwah

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