High-Income Career Paths – Best Courses After 10th With a High Salary

High-Income Career Paths - Best Courses After 10th With a High Salary

It is often said that ‘tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today’. As a student currently in school, one might have a lot of lingering questions in mind. The 10th grade, as cliche’ as this may sound, is the ‘get-going’ towards the career you wish to pursue. The options to choose from are in abundance and we’re here to help you gain clarity over the best courses after 10th with A high salary that guarantees you growth and satisfaction. This article aims to discuss the importance of choosing the right path and the benefits of the options put forth.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Course After 10th

Beyond just choosing between the science stream, commerce or humanities, it is important to weigh your options correlating each of the area-specific streams. It is also important to explore certification courses, vocational courses and skill-based courses that can help enhance your prowess. Making the right decision helps you:

  • Lay the foundation for your future career prospects
  • Forms the framework for more opportunities
  • Helps with early fine tuning of skills required for the career you wish to pursue. The early bird catches the worm truly applies here
  • The process also gives way for self-assessment, ascertaining personal interests and realizing your strengths

Mainstream/Traditional Academic Courses

Science Stream

  1. Engineering:
    This branch of science and technology is a professional degree program with 4 years of duration, on completion of which you graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering degree or a B.Tech degree. After your undergraduate, pursuing a Masters in Engineering adds to your portfolio and helps you gain more knowledge in the field. Potential career options are: Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. Becoming an engineer can earn you about Rs. 8.6 LPA and makes it one of the best courses after 10th with a high salary.
  2. Medicine:
    Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery is an undergraduate program in the field of medicine and surgery. Considered as one of the most reputed career choices, the undergrad degree is competitive and offers numerous opportunities. The course duration is of 5.5 years and is inclusive of an mandatory 12-month internship (in rotation) at approved hospitals. On completion of MBBS, the candidate can pursue an MD (Doctor of Medicine), MS (Master of Surgery) or DNB (Diplomate of National Board) for specialisation.
  3. Pharmacy:
    This 4 year undergraduate program in the field of pharmacy, is the study of pharmaceutical science mostly with regards to drug safety, medical chemistry, industrial pharmacy, medical chemistry and other similar categories. Candidates opting for this program get to pursue careers as Pharmacists, Biochemists and Chemists. B.Pharma followed by M. Pharma guarantees a lucrative career path and a part of courses with high salary after 10th

Commerce Stream

  1. Chartered Accountancy:
    This is a professional program that offers training in accounting, taxation, auditing, financial management, banking and other associated fields. One can pursue a career as a chartered accountant through a Foundation Course Route or the Direct Entry Route. Once professionally qualified, a candidate can earn up to 20-25 LPA.
  2. Company Secretary:
    Principally offered by the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India), CS is a professional qualification that equips candidates with the skills to become a Company Secretary. The company secretary is responsible for ensuring that companies comply with legal and regulatory prerequisites. They are also responsible for carrying out decisions of the management/board of directors.
  3. Cost and Management Accountancy:
    The cost and management accountancy course offers a lot of opportunities in the field of financial management. The CMA course is offered by the ICMAI (Institute of Cost Accountants of India), formerly known as the ICWAI. This is a 3 year long certificate course that lays the foundation for a lucrative career in Business Accounting.

Vocational Courses

  1. Software Development
    There are several courses within the software development field that students can pursue. The software development/engineering industry is currently one of the most burgeoning industries offering competitive salary packages. The average software developer in India earns up to 9 lakhs per annum with additional compensation ranging from Rs. 50,000/- to 1,87,500/-
  2. Web Development
    Web development short for website development is, as the name suggests, the development of all things related to creating web pages, applications, database management, web programming and other aspects online on a gateway portal. It helps students learn more about client-side; server-side dynamics, front-end development, aspects of user interface and various scripts like HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language), Java Script and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). As the digital sphere is expanding, a career in web development is promising, lucrative and one of the best courses after 10th with a high salary
  3. Cyber Security
    You get to learn a lot about protecting networks, computer systems, virtual assets and virtual machines from unwarranted access. Students have the option to choose from Certification courses in cyber security, Diploma in Cyber Security, Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Bachelor of Technology in Cyber Security.

According to the ISC2 Global Workforce Study, the number of people in cyber security jobs reached a highest of 5.5 million professionals. Further proving that a career is cyber security is prospective.

Skill-based Courses

1. Digital Marketing
If you are inclined towards tasks that require promoting or marketing products, goods, industries or services then digital marketing is the right path for you. A digital marketing/online marketing professional uses digital technologies and services to leverage the metrics that will channel ‘CTA’ (Call To Action) for brands.

To gain skills and pursue a career in digital marketing, read more about the School of Digital Marketing by AAFT, the best digital marketing institute in Noida.

2. Graphic Designing
The role of a graphic designer is to create compelling art using technology and softwares to convey specific messages to groups. With brands expanding over social media and matters being digital, there is a rising demand in hiring graphic designers. If you have a knack for drawing and an imaginative side, you could be a professional graphic designer.

3. Content Writing
The craft of promulgating information through words is a unique task. If you are someone with a flair for writing and has a way with words then content writing is something you can explore. Content Writing is dynamic, is ever-evolving and goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing, journalism and many other professional industries.

Read more about courses offered by AAFT’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication

4. Event Management
Organizing an event is no easy feat, it requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, resourcefulness and a sense of innovativeness. All skills that you can master with the right course, guidance and perfect institute. According to ET Edge Insights, the event management sector “is projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2025, indicating a staggering growth rate of 14% annually”

Click on the link here to know more about Diploma in Event Management by AAFT, Noida

5. Fashion Designing
Designing clothes is beyond knowing drawing; it is about crafting meaningful design sketches, understanding and respecting culture, being creative and knowing people’s preferences. From coming up with designs to choosing the right fabric, the right course will guide you into becoming a professionally qualified fashion designer. School of Fashion by AAFT offers the best Fashion & Design Program that guarantees to equip you to “shape the landscape of fashion”

6. Animation
The field of animation is manifold. Candidates get to pursue a career in 2D animation, Art Direction, 3D modeler, stop motion animator, video game designer, cartoonist, animation director and much more. Read more about the best in class animation curriculum offered by AAFT’s School of Animation

Emerging Career Paths

1. Data Science
A multidisciplinary approach that uses statistics, algorithms, practices from mathematics and scientific visualization to compute and analyze large amounts of data in order to present them in meaningful ways. Although the concept may seem complex, the ideal curriculum guides you to labyrinthine concepts easily. One such curriculum is the data science program by the School of Data Science – AAFT

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
By definition, artificial intelligence means the ability of machines to exhibit human intelligence and problem solving capabilities. In simpler terms: Making machines think ‘smarter’. To become a professional in the artificial intelligence sphere, the candidate requires to pursue a course in either computer science or a related major. One can become a computer vision engineer, machine learning engineer, director of analytics and a lot more.

3. Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is a database mechanism that allows the sharing of information within multiple business networks. Just as the term ‘blockchain’ suggestes, data is stored in blocks and is connected together in a chain. Career opportunities in blockchain technology are multifold: Blockchain Developer, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Project Manager and Blockchain Legal Consultant.


It is imperative to know your options and explore choices before choosing the best. High salary courses after 10th grade are in abundance for passionate young individuals. Focusing on your education and advancing towards polishing your skills, are the first few significant steps that are to be taken to pursue a lucrative career path. Our aim is to help students with research and understanding better about questions that they might have about courses, careers and goals.

AAFT, one of the best filmmaking, media, fashion, music and advertising colleges in Noida, Delhi NCR, is an institute that goes the extra mile to educate young minds. With 50+ trained programs and being in the education sector for more than 30 years, AAFT offers an array of courses across fields taught by the best faculty and industry experts. Join AAFT because “your tryst with the world of creativity begins here”.

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