Top 10 Career Options After 12th PCM: Unique Options With Salaries

Top 10 Career Options After 12th PCM: Unique Options With Salaries

Are you someone who’s looking for a degree that would fuel your creativity? Do you value practical knowledge and like to stay up to date on the changes around you? Well, choosing the right career can feel tricky, but, with the right tools and research, you can find the perfect course for you.

If you are still in school and are looking for unique career options after 12th (PCM), you have come to the right place. We have made an easy-to-read guide that will help you assess your passion and interests.

How Do I Choose the Right Course After 12th (PCM)

The first step to deciding the right course for you is to know your interests. You could assess the areas you are interested in and have the required skills for. You could take online/offline aptitude tests or speak with a career counselor to find more detailed guidance.

Once you have assessed your skills and interests, you might want to shortlist the courses based on their curriculums, institutes, and admission procedures. You will be able to choose the right course for yourself once you have an idea of the available courses.

Understand the potential of the courses before you start your career. Take a look at the kind of jobs that you might get after the course and the salary ranges in each of them. Read ahead to find out the details of some of the most popular courses you can opt for.

Top 10 Career Options After 12th PCM That Are Unique

Make sure you thoroughly research all courses you can pursue as a PCM student and then consider what’s best –

1. Journalism

The 3-year degree course involves acquainting students with different platforms and teaches them the basics of advertising, documentary film-making, and optimizing social media for journalistic purposes. It focuses on developing both technical and soft skills that would prepare the learners for their professional lives.

With an employment rate close to 90%, journalism is one of the most popular career options for PCM students after 12th. GMCET, CUET, and other Independent Entrance Tests would allow you to study this course at any Indian Institute.

Journalism graduates can expect a salary between 3 and 5 LPA based on the nature and complexity of their work. For instance, Investigative journalists might expect a range of 4-6 LPA, while entertainment/sports journalists can expect up to 3-6 LPA, and photojournalists and Documentary makers can earn up to 4-5 LPA.

2. Fine Arts

In India, to study Fine Arts, one needs to complete +2 with an aggregate of 50% and take CUET or Independent entrance tests/personal interviews conducted by various institutes. You can opt for a 3-year or 4-year Bachelor’s degree or a 5-year/6-year Integrated Degree.

Along with the history/evolution of art, the syllabus includes practical and skill-oriented knowledge, an introduction to different mediums and styles, familiarizing with the required software, and shaping an individual style that would help students build a strong portfolio.

Upon completion, students can choose to work in a variety of fields depending on their skills and interests. A BFA graduate can earn up to 3-5/5.5 LPA on average. However, it might vary based on their specialization. For instance, a sculptor can earn between 4-6 LPA, while a book-cover designer can earn up to 4-5 LPA, and a cartoonist around 3-4 LPA.

3. Interior Design

After completing your 12th, you would be required to clear a DAT to pursue a B.Des or B.Sc in Interior Design. The 4-year/3-year degree courses, alongside the fundamentals of Interior Design, and domestic/corporate/retail space design also offer a comprehensive study of the relevant software and client-friendly approaches that would help students navigate the industry.

Although there are multiple fields/professions you can work in after graduation, you can expect a salary of about 3-4.5 LPA in domestic space design and 4-5/5.5 LPA in retail space design.

4. Event Management

The 3-year BA/BBA in Event Management is a course that acquaints students with the details of successfully organizing small and large-scale events. From planning budgets to delegating work, effective team communication, and handling clients – this course is a great career option after 12th (PCM) for everyone who loves the hustle of planning and organizing.

Colleges in India conduct independent entrance tests/PI to shortlist students. Event management graduates can earn a salary of around 4.5-6 LPA depending on their area and expertise.

5. Animation & VFX

With digitizing creative education, Animation and VFX have emerged as a popular course. The curriculums are designed to provide students with an overall understanding of 2D and 3D animation, creating compositions, characters, and stories using different shapes and forms and building a strong and diverse portfolio that would increase their employability.

Depending on what you want from the course, you can get a 4-year B.Des/3-year B.Sc in Animation Design after clearing a DAT. New professionals working in Animation and Game Design can earn up to 4-5 LPA and 2.5-4.5 LPA respectively.

6. Photography

If you have a knack for photography, you could go for a 3-year BA in photography that would equip you with technical knowledge about different types of photography and acquaint you with cameras, the use of different lenses, and other required equipment. The courses also involve a detailed knowledge of the different software needed to edit/correct pictures.

You could take entrance tests/PIs conducted by different universities to be eligible for this course. In specialized fields like wildlife photography, you could earn around 3-4 LPA, while fashion and product photographers might make around 4-4.5 LPA.

7. Performing Arts

Performing arts courses encompass a vast area involving drama, music, improv, and other traditional and contemporary art forms. You could specialize in any one of the performing arts and graduate with a theoretical and practical knowledge of the field, its significance, and the technicalities involved.

Bachelor of Performing Arts / BA Performing Arts is usually a 4-year/3-year degree course that you can study after clearing the CUET or other eligibility-tests/PIs. The income fluctuates and is different from the standardized income in other fields. As a beginner, you could approximately earn up to 5-8 LPA in acting, around 5-6 LPA in music production, and so on.

8. Fashion Design

If you are a Fashion enthusiast and have a creative imagination, Fashion Design could be the right career option after 12th (PCM). You could opt for a 4-year B.Des or a 3-year in Fashion Design after clearing a DAT.

Throughout the course, the students learn technical skills including Fashion Illustration, Forecast-study, Draping, Pattern-Making, and Garment-Construction. The curriculum trains students in a range of software for CAD and 3D illustration as well.

If you are interested in Fashion Styling, you can expect a salary between 3 and 4 LPA, while Fashion designers in Luxury can earn up to 4-5 LPA.

9. Nutrition & Dietetics

After completing 12th with a 50% aggregate, you could either opt for CUET or other entrance tests offered independently by different institutes. A 3-year B.Sc in Nutrition & Dietetics typically involves getting acquainted with food science, community health, metabolism and diet, sports nutrition, and the basics of Yoga.

The course opens up multiple career options with varying salary ranges. After graduation, you can earn up to 2.5 – 4.2 LPA as a nutritionist/dietitian or health coach, depending on your skills and expertise.

10. Hospitality & Tourism Management

With its comprehensive curriculum focusing on the details of the hospitality and tourism industry, it is one of the top career choices for PCM students after 12th. The courses are designed to provide students with an understanding of the technicalities of the industry, a knowledge of the Food & Beverage Industry, and soft skills to communicate with clients globally.

Upon clearing the NCHMCT-JEE or other eligibility tests, you could pursue a 3-year/4-year degree course completed with hands-on training. Freshers in managerial jobs can expect a salary of 3-4.5 LPA, in F&B about 3-5 LPA, and in Front Desk operations around 3.5-5.5 LPA.

Summing It Up

If you are interested in career options that aren’t conventional, AAFT offers a bunch of creative courses and an array of career options for PCM students to pursue after 12th. These are expert-designed, comprehensive, and suited to the dynamic needs of the industry. The well-structured curriculum addresses the relevant areas and trains students to excel in their chosen fields as creative professionals.

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