Top 10 Business Management Courses After 12th

Top 10 Business Management Courses After 12th

12th Grade and what comes after, can be a very overwhelming phase for a student. Assessing educational prospects and weighing your options can be a taxing process. It is imperative to take time to research and understand better. Put your interests, passion and aspirations first and choose the right option for you. We’re here to make the process easier for you. We put your needs first before coming up with tips and solutions. Read further to know and weigh your options, if Business Management courses seem like the right fit for you.

What is Business Management?

Business Management is the superintending of all aspects relating to a business: finance, operations, human resources, production, marketing and much more. It is an essential aspect that determines the growth of a business. Business managers are skilled professionals who are responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the functions of business to ensure its success. Business management course after 12th guide and educate you to become proficient managers and to also excel in your management career.
Before enrolling for your BA in Business Management course, you will have to consider the following entrance exams: CAT, MAT, CMAT, TISS, MAH etc.

According to Jaro Education, “In India, the profession is estimated to grow at a CAGR 14.3% by 2026” and according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The demand for management analysts is growing by 11% between 2019 and 2029”
(As of December 2023)

Job Roles Average Salary
Advertising and Promotions Manager INR 9.2 LPA
Financial Manager INR 16.8 LPA
Sales Manager INR 6.8 LPA
Operations Research Analyst INR 6 LPA
Administrative Services Manager INR 7.8 LPA

Source: Ambition Box | Learning Routes

Below, are top 10 business management courses after 12th:

1) Bachelor of Business – Management

The Bachelor of Business, one of the best management courses after 12th grade, teaches students business operations and organizational management. The curriculum is inclusive of: understanding leadership, strategic planning, decision-making and a comprehensive learning of business ethics and codes. Well-curated internship programs, part of the syllabus, help students learn how to manage teams and projects efficiently.

2) BA – Business Studies – Marketing (Hons)

This Bachelors course with added focus on Marketing (Hons) teaches students managerial skills like planning, organizing and strategizing and also understanding how to run and manage promotional campaigns. While learning business management, students get to be equipped with creative=strategic thinking, branding and advertising.

After graduation, candidates can become professionals like brand managers, marketing managers, digital marketers, marketing/branding strategists and much more.

3) BA – Business with Finance (Hons)

For people interested in finance and its management, Bachelors in Business with Finance is the best management course to pursue after 12th. This course is a combination of learning business principles correlating with finance, pecuniary planning, corporate finance and the risk management involved. A professional with a bachelors in Business and Finance is equipped to manage capital budgeting, ascertain investment risk, understand capital asset pricing model and dividend policy. Once you graduate, you get to practice a career in financial analysis, investment banking and financial advising.

4) BA – Business with Marketing (Hons)

To be able to successfully market and promote a business, it is important to understand the working-model of the said business. An in-depth knowledge of product strategizing, pricing details of the product or service, scope of the business and other business details, helps with marketing of the business effectively. BA in Business with Marketing ensures that a student is equipped with the above mentioned skills and more. The course also requires students to know insights in connection with global trends, international marketing and digital marketing tools; within sectors like retail, finance, public relations, advertising, even manufacturing.

5) Bachelor of Business – Project Management

Project Management generally means adopting parameters to achieve specific business objectives within a certain period of time. The project will have a team that superintends the project along with a project manager. Bachelor of Business, specializing in Project Management, teaches you to plan and execute projects with a team. Beyond planning and management, the role of a project manager requires the professional to communicate effectively and oversee the functions of a team. During the tenure of the course, you learn communication skills, team management and leadership qualities.

6) Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business is a general course that covers all aspects of business management and administration, providing a broad comprehension of management, marketing, business principles, finance, production and human resources. Within this course, students get to choose from electives or choose a specific subject of their liking. In this course of 3-4 years duration, students get work in group projects and evaluate case studies while gaining hands-on experience that can help them in their career.

Read more about Bachelors in Business Administration offered by AAFT University.

7) BA – International Business (Hons)

As the name of the course suggests, a bachelors in International Business teaches students about global business models, strategies and trends. The curriculum gives a broader sense and scope with regards to understanding how global markets function. A good portfolio in international business management gives students the opportunities to work abroad in high-salaried jobs. Being aware of how similar business niches work differently across the world gives the candidate a wider perspective of functioning and management.

You can read more about AAFT’s School of Management and Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business; here.

8) Bachelor of Business – Public Relations

Public relations is the planning and executing of parameters, in connection to media and public image, to ensure a good reputation for a business. Effective business management and public relations tactics go hand in hand. This 3-4 year undergraduate program teaches students both business management skills such as planning and executing projects, financial management, overseeing campaigns and PR skills such as effective communication, understanding the media, marketing, branding and crisis management. Upon graduation, students get to pursue careers in media coordination, communication management and also work as PR specialists.

9) BA – Human Resource Management (Hons)

Human Resource Management involves coordinating and managing human capital in ways that cater to organizational growth. The human resource manager is required to ensure smooth hiring processes, manage recruitment procedures, ensure employee satisfaction and safety, be aware of compensation and other strategies. They pose as a liaison between the employees and the organization. The course equips students with knowledge regarding labor laws, maximizing and optimizing employee performance; Proficient HR Managers navigate human capital/employee management effectively, all the while making sure that organizational goals are achieved and the rights of employees are safeguarded.

10) BA – Event Management (Hons)

Event Management goes beyond just curating and organizing events or gatherings. It requires the understanding of how a business functions, its target audience/customer group and the business’s scope in order to craft an effectively planned event. BA in Event Management teaches students how to comprehend business aspects and curate events accordingly. They learn about logistics management, coordination, business strategizing, corporate event planning and event managing the aspects of a wedding.

Read more about BA in Event Management offers by AAFT’s School of Advertising, PR & Events


While choosing the best course after 12th and understanding your options, it is important to not pressure yourself too much; which is easier said than done. The phase in which you are required to come up with decisions can be made easy if you look out for resources and pages that make research easy for you. Business Management is one of the best fields you can opt for, one that promises a lucrative career and immense growth. You can keep tabs on our page for relevant information on courses, skills, careers and colleges.

Read more about the School of Management – AAFT.

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