Professional Societies at AAFT University

International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry (ICMEI)

The International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) has been established as a unit of AAFT to promote, develop, and stimulate the growth of the Media and Entertainment Industry across the world. It is a skill-building platform that is relentlessly involved in supporting the media and entertainment professionals in all possible ways. It believes that exchanging knowledge is an indispensable aspect of growth; interacting with new people opens new possibilities for learning and excelling in life.

It is working towards the idea and strategy creation, enabling young talents to gain extensive knowledge and become industry-ready. For this, it organizes global-level festivals, conferences, seminars, workshops, and events where artists from the media, literature, and art spheres get a platform to exhibit and celebrate their work. A list of fests organized by ICMEI includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films (105th edition)
  • ASMS Festival of Short Digital Films (16th edition)
  • International Film Festival of Cell Phone Cinema (13th edition)
  • Global Film Festival Noida (12th edition)
  • Global Festival of Journalism (8th edition)
  • Global Literary Festival Noida (6th edition)
  • Global Fashion and Design Week (3rd edition)
  • International Sufi Festival India (7th edition)
  • International Children’s Film Festival (24th edition)
  • We Care Festival of Films on Disability (12th edition)
  • Country Wise Film Festivals

Such events and fests provide a pool of opportunities for the students to gain first-hand industry experience and experience the cultures of various countries. It also acts as a platform for the media, arts, and management fraternity to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas related to the industry, thereby encouraging the free and creative flow of knowledge.

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