AAFT University is dedicated to extending a conducive environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge. Our contemporary library is a place that is entirely student-centered and highly collaborative. It’s a place where the students can perform their research and grow their understanding. As an education platform, we believe in fostering a learning environment that provides opportunities for hands-on and participatory learning. 

Our goal is to be the best institution in the country to provide quality education and research to young people. Our thorough strategy plan underpins the purpose of advancing and propagating information, wisdom, and understanding of a diverse range of subjects. Our learning environment design has been created by a multi-disciplinary team that includes senior faculty, management, and planners.

We persistently build and nourish relationships with India’s leading media, business, and art school libraries. It ensures that we are at par in disseminating information, thereby inspiring intellectual stimulation and research among the students.



AAFT University’s Library Resource Centre (LRC) is one of the liveliest places on campus. It is a crucial element contributing to our research and education mission. It is thoughtfully designed with elegant modular furniture and state-of-the-art facilities, creating a serene and restoring ambience.

One of the finest library systems in the Raipur area, it has an abundance of traditional and digital resources. We have a rich collection of diverse study material, ranging from books, journals, databases, e-books, CDs, etc., for each area of study. The AAFT University LRC stresses and prioritizes web- and LAN-accessible electronic distribution of information and library resources. We have also created an instrumental Digital Library that serves as an institutional archive. It is extremely user-friendly and provides a variety of information services every day to its users. 

The University Library has been on a rapid and consistent path of expansion and development since its inception. We are receptive to innovation and thus focus on continuously improving our services, resources, and facilities.

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