What Is Peer to Peer Learning?

Peer-to-Peer Learning is an education system wherein students collaborate to study together and achieve educational goals. They work through classroom discussions, assignments, and new subject material to better understand a topic.

The objective is to transfer knowledge, skills, and experiences from one student to another in a friendly way. It encourages open discussion, enabling a free flow of doubts and queries, creating a conducive learning environment and promoting peer support.


We follow the peer learning system religiously at AAFT University. All students participate in activities and assignments where they discuss the subject in-depth.

LearnZilla, our online learning platform, is a space where students can discuss topics, post queries, and answer reading assignment questions. It helps create an amiable atmosphere and nurture academic excellence in every student.

Senior students at the University take the responsibility of helping out their juniors, especially those facing difficulties in learning. When peer learning happens in the same class, the students review the assignments and give grades to one another. Students are guided on accurately conducting peer assessments and providing productive feedback to fellow students. This allows them to learn to adequately direct others, assist them, and share knowledge in the right way, thus boosting the overall learning process at the University.


Peer Learning is one of the most efficient ways of education that allows students, especially slow learners, to understand the subject thoroughly and ask questions without hesitance from their friends/ seniors.

The whole system helps students to get opportunities and enhance experiences for personal learning. It helps them to feel more supportive and confident. It also is a great way to get feedback and suggestions on one’s work and current knowledge. It lets the students build the habit of responding constructively to criticism. They also develop vital skills like teamwork and cooperation through peer learning, which ultimately helps them to scale up their professional journey.

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