Guest Lectures, Webinars, Seminars & Workshops

AAFT University believes skill development is pivotal in preparing students for real-world complexities, challenges, and opportunities. Thus, we follow practical pedagogy combined with theoretical knowledge for facilitating skill development beyond the classroom. We offer interactive sessions with eminent personalities and industry stalwarts to impart insights from their first-hand experience, helping students make better career decisions. 

Various guest lectures, webinars, seminars & workshops are organized at the University to allow students to strengthen their abilities while complementing their comprehensive growth. Such co-curricular activities and events ultimately result in higher student engagement and improved academic accomplishments.


Guest Lectures 

The famous quote ‘Knowledge is Power’ is a universal fact, and we at AAFT University believe in accumulating this power as much as possible. We invite global leaders and industry experts for Guest Lectures which, we feel, are integral to providing knowledge to students, adding an advantage above and beyond classroom learning. 

The guest speakers share the first-hand industry experiences that they have gathered over the tenure of their careers. The students learn about real-life scenarios and industry needs & trends, along with the latest updates, career opportunities, industry challenges, and avenues for higher studies. This also provides students with new prospects and ideas, enabling them to open up and prepare for new possibilities.



In today’s digital era, Webinars have immensely changed the way knowledge is being shared, making it possible to facilitate ideas, information, and opinions engagingly to the global audience. It has eliminated the geographical distance barrier, allowing international industry practitioners and leaders from a variety of backgrounds and career paths to interact with students, and share their valuable insights. Webinars organized by the University also allow students to gain relevant exposure to the broad spectrum of work, philosophies, and culture across the globe in their chosen industries.

We have organized numerous Webinars with renowned personalities, such as Akhil Sachdeva, famous playback singer & composer; Arpita Mehta, renowned Fashion Designer; Aseem Sinha, Senior Film Editor; Chetan Bhagat, renowned writer; Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, famous Film Director; Dr. Thor Indridason from Said Business School, Oxford University; Karl Bardosh, Filmmaker & Prof. at New York University; Rickey Kej, Grammy Award music producer, Sussane Khan, Interior Designer; Vikram Amladi, Filmfare award-winning Cinematographer, and so on.



Seminars are a great way to exchange ideas and foster academic excellence. The seminars organized at AAFT University allow students to deliberate on a range of new materials, ideas, and concepts with industry experts. This enables them to acquire an in-depth understanding of a particular topic and acquire new skills associated with the subject. 

Various seminars have been organized on industry-relevant topics by experts, like Afzal Kaba, Brand ambassador, Diageo; Anand Kumar, Leading Interior Designer; Ankit Ravindra Jain, Communication Coach; Fashion Photography & Lightings by Arindam Sikdar, Fashion Photographer; Production Design by Jayant Deshmukh, eminent Production Designer & Art Director, and more. Through such seminars, students are able to develop multiple skills like critical thinking, reasoning, time management, planning, etc.  



Practical exposure is inevitable for students’ overall development regarding any subject. Hence, training students in a realistic environment is an essential part of the academic plan at AAFT University. We continuously bring on board many renowned and award-winning industry experts for Workshops and Master Classes to provide hands-on knowledge to the students.

Every school at the University organizes a vast number of workshops on vital industry-related topics. Interactive workshops have been organized on Photography Techniques by Canon Experts; new-age cooking by Chef Sabyasachi; Animation Pipeline by Murad Abrar, CEO, Cycore Studios; Design Process by Neeraj Gupta, Owner, Home Raga; and so on. During the workshops, experts demonstrate the actual processes and practices pertaining to the field/ subject. The students enthusiastically attend these workshops as the experts share their knowledge and experiences.



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