Assessments and Evaluations are an integral part of the University curriculum. Assessment refers to the
systematic process of reviewing students; learning. Evaluation means measuring the students; understanding of the subject through grading and reporting. Regularly reviewing the student;s academic performance allows us to build strategies and promote pedagogies to enhance the learning experience
and refine the outcomes. At AAFT University, we use different methodologies to complete our Assessment and Evaluation processes. Along with conducting traditional assessment methods like examinations, we also organize quizzes and learning activities such as group projects, symposiums, presentations, etc. Evaluators work through formative and summative formats to check the student;s progress in real-time. We believe that students must not just memorize the matter but also contemplate the subject;s meaning.
For setting and finalizing the examination question papers, the University follows a vetting process,
wherein an external board comprising academic experts check the quality of question papers. It ensures
that the University has followed the prescribed structure and protocols of question setting and that the
set question papers are at par, subject relevant, free of any mistake, and truly examine the students;
Once the examinations take place, we follow three checkpoints for paper checking. After regular
checking of the answer sheets, a moderation process is followed, wherein random sampling is done in a
pre-defined proportion. The selected papers are then rechecked to scrutinize and assess the marking
style by the moderator. It ensures that every checker has followed the same guidelines and marking
techniques. After this, the worksheets are remoderated to check for any inconsistencies.
All these three practices of question vetting, moderation, and remoderation ensure quality retention in
assessments and evaluations. This strict process allows the University to achieve the common goal of
academic excellence by ensuring that students are truly and fairly evaluated.

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