What Is Business Management And What Makes A Good Manager?

Business Management Course

You must have come across the phrase, “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork,” a great many times. Especially in business, this phrase holds the utmost value. For a venture to strive, its workforce has to work with maximum efficiency in a unified manner. Every member must realize the bigger goal and work in sync with their partners in achieving them. Only then a business will succeed in the long run.

But how would you gel hundreds, if not thousands, of people under one roof to a single cause? It would be very tiresome and, at times, seem impossible. But that’s where a business manager and his management skills come into play. They have these unique magic potions that can bind the employees together to a common objective, thus, enabling the business to grow as a whole.

But what is Business management? If the same question crossed your mind, here is an explanation for you:

What is Business Management?

Business management, in simple words, is the planning, organization, and coordination of different activities inside a business to run it smoothly.

For any business to grow and expand, there are countless operations that need to be completed by a skilled workforce. However, the people working need to have proper coordination among themselves while keeping away disputes from hampering their work. Moreover, the talent possessed by the people in the company needs to be dealt with tactfully and utilized for the betterment of the venture.

Business management is focused on identifying and managing these aspects of a company. Management helps clear out conflicts and disorganization and helps in unifying people from different backgrounds into one common goal: the growth of the venture!

Business management, however, needs to be handled by professionals. The person who operates the management aspect of a company is known as a Business Manager.

Want to know more about a business manager? Here is a detailed explanation for you:

Who is a Business Manager?

A business manager, as the name suggests, inspects a company’s employees and operations. Their job is to maintain harmony among the members while keeping them efficient and productive for the development of the company.

Business managers also look for opportunities, wherever and whenever they can, to help the company grow. They set rules and objectives for all the members within the company to turn the opportunity into a reality.

A business manager operates closely with the members of the company, helping them with the projects, understanding their needs, and identifying the weaker spots. Most business managers are also involved in the training of candidates for different roles within the company. All in all, they are an inseparable part of any business.

What makes a good business manager?

Becoming a good business manager needs a command over various levels of skills. Be it interpersonal or technical, you need to master each of them to be successful in the role.

Here are 3 skills you need to be a successful business manager:

  1. Strong communication skills: To maintain peace and contentment among employees and act as a bridge between them and the higher authorities, you must have exceptional communication skills.
  2. Leadership skills: The best managers always back their employees, boost their morale, and provide doses of motivation. When the days are hard, your leadership skill will make a difference.
  3. Organizational skills: As a business manager, you will be supposed to toggle between different works with precision. You will also need to manage your employees and ensure that their work is up to the mark and completed on time. To get the best out of yourself and the employees in a limited time frame, your organizational skills need to be top-notch.


Becoming a business manager is easier said than done. It is one of the high-paying jobs in India, with an average salary of Rs 11 lakh per annum. If you want to be a successful business manager, you need to build a strong base and develop the necessary skills. Once you complete the basics, the road will be a lot easier for you to traverse.

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