Increasing Scope of Public Relations Courses in India

Increasing Scope of Public Relations Courses in India

Amidst the hype of companies creating online communities and relying on the digital side of marketing, PR or Public Relations is all about how organizations or companies communicate with the public/customers. It focuses on what kind of strategies to use to promote themselves, and how to build a positive and successful reputation along with an ethical public image.

We all know that the way a company or organization is represented in the media, it always has a powerful and sometimes permanent impact on how people/customers perceive it. A Public Relations Expert would be able to influence the media by representing his or her company in a positive and successful light.

It’s 2020 and safe to say that almost every human being has at least one account on a social media app. (Eg- Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) With the rise of social media all over the world, advertising and branding has taken a giant leap. India has not only flown to be at par with the world leading companies and brands but also made a mark and inspired other countries. Somewhere down the line, this is due to someone who’s studied Public Relations and is now a PR Officer. Institutions and

companies in India have also grown to realize that an intangible value to their respective companies can only be created by an expert. And by an expert I mean someone that has been taught methods and techniques to create a planned-out structure and gain lifelong trust amongst their customers.

Now that India is as technologically advanced as any other first world country, companies, NGO’s, Organizations, Politicians and even Celebrities, are advised to hire a PR Expert. Not everyone is gifted with the art of communicating and therefore, an officer can be of utmost importance here. Public Relations students are taught and trained to communicate with people and deliver messages in the most concise manner keeping in mind about the location, gender, religion or even political interest and maintain respect at all times. These qualities urge the public and the customers to

maintain a relationship with the company or institution and continue with their loyalty. Companies and institutions that are here to stay, as most are in our country India, Public Relations as a subject is something that is going to inevitably take a permanent position in different teaching institutions.

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