Understand the Importance of Fashion Communication in the Global Industry

Understand the Importance of Fashion Communication in the Global Industry

Just as the name suggests, Fashion Communication is a pathway of Fashion study that primarily focuses on the communication skills that would be relevant in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry all over the world. With the progress of technology in all paradigms, we’ve come to realize that pretty much everything is turning digital. Right from shopping, watching films or series, ordering food from restaurants and even studying, can be done online.

The success of a brand is marked and understood largely through its uniqueness in identity. With a multitude of luxury brands mushrooming in the Indian and international retail scenario, it has become essential for each one of them to develop a unique brand identity for maximum impact and visibility, in the domain of the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry.

When we talk about “Fashion” communication, we basically mean careers ranging from graphic design for brands and their advertisements, visual merchandising – done for the aesthetic pleasure of the couture, retail space designing – which involves creating a creative, practical and comfortable space for customers to come, try the clothes on and eventually buy them, styling and photography – which is one of the primary factors when we talk about Fashion as everything is based on its visual appearance in 2020, fashion journalism – which involves writing about different stylists, brands and the constant evolution of fashion trends, PR/Events – which help in understanding the kinds of events and people in the Fashion Industry.

The importance of Fashion Communication lies on the generation that does not know life without the internet. And as the days are passing, this is only going to increase.

People all over the world have developed a passion for looking at the online material they engage with and the influence it has on their style ideas. Fashion is something that never really dies out, no matter what the situation really is. Therefore, indulging in a subject like Fashion Communication can bring forward new ideas and perspectives into the Fashion World. In the earlier days we considered fashion only to be restricted to creating and designing clothes. But with the change in how we deliver and see clothing brands, Fashion Communication is an essential part of the study and students all over the world should be introduced to the many factors it comprises.

Thus, ‘Fashion Communication’ forms the core of the whole business of Fashion.

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