Fashion Physiology: The Vital Discipline of the Glamor Industry

Fashion Physiology: The Vital Discipline of the Glamor Industry

Fashion technology is a world familiar to all; but to be fashionable and to work in the industry, the true understanding of ‘fashion technology’ is very important. This phrase and its application are a pivotal aspect and have huge impact on overall functioning of the industry. Research has time again proved that style and dressing has an effect on health to behavior to attitude to poise of an individual. As per scientific terminology it is called “enclothed cognition” –basically it is a symbolic connotation of clothes to the skills and most importantly the mindset of those wearing them.

The current findings of the behavioral studies have been interpreting the science behind style. Fashion psychology talks about what appeals to whom and why, so it gives a thorough understanding between the relation of mind and clothing pattern. This helps the industry professionals to better understand their audience and the reasons/ preferences behind their choices, and accordingly modify/ expand every feature of the industry from design to manufacturing, material to budget.

Application of the inputs from the psychological point of view while styling a product is like icing on the cake. The fashion Psychology can be termed as Fashion Salt as it imparts the magic touch to the element to raise the eyebrow for the superiority. Professional Fashion design courses expand on the subject of Fashion Psychology to impart students with the necessary knowledge. The subject is relatively new; hence, the modules are innovative and allow students to learn to do experiment for a better understanding. It is an applied study which without practical knowledge is not complete. Random research work with different age group, community provides the real life understanding to the trainee.

It is a dynamic discipline which talks about the action of how color, beauty, style, image and shape affects human behavior in relation with the culture to mind blocks to emotions and societal norms. Any course or subject dealing with Fashion Psychology generally offers a wide range of activities as they relate to the psychological and styling jointly, starting from features of fabric to styling to use. It is a line that would immensely help to understand the preferences and requirements of the consumer, the current industry trends and the gap within.

This emerging domain of fashion is becoming a key to unlock the door of a new level of understanding of the industry. It’s a study of how fashion impacts human behavior. Aspirants can create a captivating and prosperous career with the knowledge of applied Fashion Psychology. It imparts concepts, theories and background of socioeconomic standards which can be used as an analytical tool to perform as per the demand.

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