What Is the Role of Software and Technology in Fashion Designing?

Role of Software and Technology in Fashion Designing

Fashion design is a field where you can use your creativity at its best.  Creativity along with software and technology is a perfect combination that can make your fashion designing even more trendy and easy. Experts recommend using them always so that you won’t lag behind the competitors. There are also other benefits when you use software and technology in this field. Here in this article let’s understand the role of software and technology in the fashion designing field.

The Role of Technology in Fashion Designing

Technology has a main role in making modern-day fashion design popular. Technology helps the world know more about the latest trends in fashion design with the help of smartphones and the internet. Here is how technology shares a strong bond with fashion design.

  • Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool nowadays. There is hardly anyone that doesn’t use social media platforms. Fashion designers can use them to connect with both their national and international clients easily. Not just that marketing or promotion of their finished products can be done if they know how to handle these social media platforms effectively. Fashion designers can also get modern design ideas that will make their works unique through social media platforms.

  • E-Commerce

Online shopping is the new normal nowadays. Customers prefer online shopping more than conventional shopping. As a result, fashion designers have adopted e-commerce platforms to sell their products. This is also one of the main advantages technology has brought into the world of fashion design. E-commerce platforms also help fashion designers make their products available to foreign customers.

  • Payment Portals

Gone are the days when customers used debit and credit cards for payments. Nowadays online payment options like Google Pay and Paytm are the favourite methods for everyone. Those fashion designers who provide these easy and quick payment options are now the favourites of customers. Brands can also earn the credibility and likeness of customers through timely offers through these online payment channels. Here also it is proved that technology is the new best friend of fashion designers.

Role of Software in Fashion Designing

There are various software such as Adobe Photoshop, Vector and Coral Draw that can be used during different stages of fashion design.  Fashion designers of reputable brands are professionals in using this software for both trials and also for pre-production sampling. Companies also use software for the safe custody of their data and trade secrets. Here are some of the popular software used by fashion designers.

  • 3D Body Scanning

3-D body scanning is popular software used by designers to design garments in the best possible way nowadays. Designers design garments by closely analyzing these 3D models of the customers created by this software from all dimensions and therefore there will be 100 percent precision and accuracy in designing. One of the main advantages of 3-D body scanning is that customers should not be there in person to try the garments directly and designers can test their products on these 3-D models before making them available to the customers.

  • CAD

CAD or Computer Aided Design is a popular software among designers because of its various uses. The easy accessibility of CAD also is the reason why designers prefer this software for many years. CAD can be used to create new textiles by scanning existing designs and it is also a popularly accepted fact that computer-aided designs focus on improved quality more than other designs.


We can therefore say both technology and software have taken fashion designing to the next level. Students who are looking to start their careers in fashion design should be aware of these advancements as they will be of great help once they start their careers.

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