Understanding Sustainable Fashion and Its Rise in India

Understanding Sustainable Fashion and Its Rise in India

Not much has been spoken of how India has always been sustainable in terms of creating its base product when it comes to clothing, whether it’s ethical or modern. Cotton is one of the largest producing crops in India and has been around and propagated by Gandhi himself.

With the rise in Swadeshi all over again, producers and consumers have been creating styles surrounding the sustainable lifestyle and marketing in ways that resonate with the audience and also keep the latest style in check.

Gone are the days when organic fashion was synonymous to old school boring clothes. Now new designers are coming up with really cool collections which are made from fabrics such as Khadi and Hemp.

Lots of Indian brands have started to propagate and advocate organic clothing. With more and more Indians becoming aware of the environmental consequences of fast fashion, they are making the necessary shift. Today, eco-friendly clothing is made without any compromise on quality. They are stylish, well-designed, durable and not to mention, affordable.

At AAFT University, you will find courses that are dedicated to Textiles, Fashion Design and Fashion Communication. There are also short courses and diplomas available for the same.

Not only is it economical, but sustainable fashion is also ecofriendly. It’s a scientific fact that it reduces carbon footprints to a significant amount. Studying fashion and understanding what it takes to create the clothes and styles to make a mark in our society is gaining momentum amongst young students.

Fashion isn’t only restricted to women anymore and lots of male students are also finding their passion in the fashion industry and pursuing the same in college or university.

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