Bachelors in Hotel Management



Bachelor of Hotel Management is an undergraduate program dedicated to impart in-depth knowledge about varied fundamentals and operations of hospitality industry & its different sectors. India has, over the time, become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The hotel industry undoubtedly plays a crucial role in the growth of hospitality industry. Hence, the demand is always high for the skilled hotel management professionals who have studied about the hotel industry as a whole and have adequate knowledge about other essential factors such as hospitality, public relations, customer service, sales, marketing and others. 


This 4 years Hotel Management course is designed to develop the fundamental skills of the aspirants who wish to work in the hospitality industry in the coming future. This includes skills related to food and beverage preparation, front office operations, food and beverage service, customer relationship management, housekeeping operations and more. It also focuses on developing personal skills of the students since a professional with good personality traits is generally preferred in the industry.


Students will be sent to the industrial training program in the fourth semester and on the job training in the final semester of this UG course in Hotel Management. 

Practical/ Productions is offered Four days in a week for each department:

  • Kitchen Practical - Different Cuisine Preparations.
  • Bakery Practical - Different types breads, cookies, and cakes preparation.
  • Housekeeping Practical - Flower arrangements, Towel art, Cleaning procedures, Use of different equipment.
  • Front Office Practical - Welcoming of guest, Reservation Activities, Role play
  • F&B Service Practical - Restaurant set up, Styles of services, Order taking, Mock tails & Cocktails making.


After completion of the Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management,

  • Students will have knowledge and understanding of all the departments of Hotel.
  • They will be trained and developed with the leadership skills for hotel and food and beverage management through industry immersion and national and international linkages.
  • Fresh graduates will have the balanced knowledge, skills and industry exposure in catering, hotel and management.
  • Students will also have intensified knowledge and skills with instruction based on international standards of hotel industry.


  1. Hotel Industry
  2. Retail Sectors
  3. Cruise Liners
  4. Guest Relation Executives
  5. Airlines Crew
  6. Airlines Catering
  7. Hospitality Administration &Catering

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