PG Diploma in Public Relations & Events

In today's arena of versatile technological developments and world market with a booming thrust economy, unprecedented revolutions are bound to happen globally at every nook and corner. Moreover, the fatal blending of digital marketing strategy and proactive customers are adding fuel to the fire. Thus, Public Relations and Events are the only inevitable panacea which can overcome the gulf and pave a bridge on a broader spectrum between customers and organizations.

Public relations is the practice of getting attention and shaping public opinion for elevating its brand image and identity on one side and maximizing profit on the other. Its tools include publicity, advertising, public affairs forums, lobbying public officials and any and every other means that gets a message out to the public. Mostly however it is about placing stories in the media, getting newspapers, radio, and television to accept stories or messages sourced from PR agencies.

In the sphere of work, there are Events like annual general meetings, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, conferences, product launches and brand development activities like CSR are now indispensible. Events like fashion shows, cultural programs, talent hunt shows, promotional campaigns, religious gatherings are also gaining momentum as we are living in a highly optimistic inter-cultural ecosystem. Event management is a multifaceted activity. Major constituents of this profile include creativity, meticulous planning, relationship management, advertising, and marketing and much more, all rolled into one seamlessly choreographed process.


Course Objectives:

  • This PG Diploma in PR and Events focuses on the professional significance of learning Public Relations & Events, its tools, objectives and functions. It generates the art of managing clients, their agents, and a vast gamut of professionals one meets in their career to create organizations’ branding.
  • To imbibe Creativity skills through observing technically and to make students participate in these activities to gain experience and perform brainstorm exercises to elevate creativity.
  • To hone Communication skills among students to refine their thought processes and diligently present their action plans in front of sponsors, vendors, management bodies, and others.
  • To develop Marketing skills by optimizing the tools like Advertising, Public Relations and Events like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to accomplish targets within stipulated time period.
  • To infuse the art of developing strong Media Relations and knowing their tools.
  • To nourish Organizational skills for carefully planning tasks for self and for the entire team.
  • To inject the art of establishing Networking skills to build ample data base to call Chief Guests, Key Speakers, and audiences.
  • To generate Management skills ability to manage time, stress, subordinates, clients, budgeting, risks, and Crisis.
  • To inculcate and practice positive body language and soft skills to establish their professional landmark to create their Brand identity & Brand Value and excel the competitors’ gambit.

Course Outcomes:

  • Students will have excellent communication skills to present their ideas and market their plans in front of the management and clients respectively. Excellent positive Body Language and soft skills will reinforce their strategy in a better way.
  • Students will be able to exploit the marketing tools like Advertising, Public Relations and other strategies like Integrated Marketing Communication to establish and strengthen their organization’s Brand in a more professional and logical manner.
  • Students will learn how to market their Brands and have knowledge related to Pre and Post activities related to a specific task executed successfully related to PR and Events.
  • Students will gain knowledge on various modes and means to optimize Media Relations to become better PR Professionals and managing Events in a better way.
  • Students will develop networking skills to create a database pertaining to Sponsors, Audience, Chief Guests, Vendors and keynote speakers.

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