Master of Arts (M.A.) (Journalism and Mass Communication)

MA in Journalism and Mass Communication is a two-year post graduate course that aims to introduce students to different fields of journalism and develop better understanding in content generation and delivery. The course is designed in such a way that it covers broad spectrum of media studies. It equips students with advanced knowledge of print media, electronic media, new media, photography, camera handling, lighting, editing, advertising, PR and other dimensions of mass communication. This PG course in journalism outlays unique amalgamation of practical and theoretical knowledge. MJMC also facilitate students to develop aptitude in understanding different forms of media like TV, radio, print, digital and enable them with latest writing techniques to create and disseminate message for different mass media.

The course also helps students to develop skills to use research methodologies for advanced studies. The program delivery comprises regular class room studies, practicals, field visit, industry visits, workshops and in-house project submissions.

Course Objectives:

  • To introduce concepts related to Print & TV Journalism, its working & software application.
  • To instill advanced skills of reporting and writing Journalistic stories, and give mature approach in dealing with different news stories through field reporting.
  • To introduce students to the world of still photography and camera, thereby, equipping them with fundamental technicalities of handling equipment in the creative manner.
  • To teach basics of writing for different media.
  • To make students comprehend the concept of mass communication and its theories.
  • To introduce understanding of video camera and develop basics of operations and handling of equipment.
  • To polish the communication skills and build an influential PR strategy planner to deal with clients and media.
  • To acquaint students with one of the most creative fields of mass communication; Advertising.

Course Outcomes:

  • It will help students to develop skills of basic reporting and journalistic writing. Also, it will provide a platform for understanding news, newsroom and working of a reporter.
  • Student will learn to handle still camera, video camera and other production related equipment. Also, students will learn various stages of media production.
  • Students will be able to write news for different media platforms.

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