How to build a photography portfolio in 2023?

How to build a photography portfolio

Heard you got an amazing collection of clicked photographs of yours! So, what now? What would you do with that collection? It is one of the most important questions in this era when a lot of photographers are showcasing their photographs and working on a lot of freelance projects which is helping them to earn a handsome amount of money. This article is for you to get the insightful details for being an established photographer. Let’s get straight into this, the secret insightful detail is having a photography portfolio. Yes, you heard right! Having a portfolio is an utmost thing these days for any creative mind to showcase its creative work. Let’s explore more into this topic and find out the importance and impact of having a photography portfolio. Let’s find out about ‘How to build a photography portfolio?’

What is a Photography Portfolio?

A photography portfolio is a creative collection of photographs clicked by the respective photographer that showcase their creativity, professional style, and personal style. It works like a virtual resume to showcase your work to a recruiter or any agency. On the basis of their portfolios, photographers get projects these days. This shows your experience and aspects of your photographs. Now, the question is, How do I build a photography portfolio? Building a photography portfolio is very simple. You can simply create a separate social media account dedicated to your photos and photography skills, or this can be a website portfolio. That’s it, and that’s all. You are all set. Let’s find out the importance of building a photography portfolio.

Importance of Building a Photography Portfolio

As we discussed the photography portfolio and how the photographer’s portfolio is getting them various projects. Now, let’s know about the importance of having a photography portfolio.

  1. Builds Professionalism: A well-maintained and updated portfolio shows the dedication of a photographer and how serious he is for his work. This helps to make a strong impact on the respective client.
  2. Showcase of Personal Style: A photographer’s portfolio also showcases his unique style and interests, it helps the agencies or the recruiters to filter photographers as per their real and best niche or future projects.
  3. Credibility: This shows professionalism and how much one is skilled in photography. This helps to assure the recruiters that they’ve chosen the right candidate for their project and as per its niche.
  4. Gets Opportunities: As said, a well-maintained and an updated portfolio helps to build trust and shows the professionalism of one. It builds future opportunities also as per one’s concept or requirement.

5 Tips for building a Photography Portfolio

  1. Embrace diversity: In the years 2023 and so on, the industry of photography will be celebrating the inclusivity and diversity of every person. Including a wide range of topics, people, objects, and concepts can show your dedication and class as a photographer.
  2. Optimization as per Mobiles: Videos are ruling the internet; more and more people watch videos and post on social media. It is important to make sure that your portfolio is mobile-friendly, not just a PC website.
  3. Usage of Multimedia Elements: Since we live in the age of digital and social media, it is important that your portfolio consists of different types of multimedia content, like videos, photos, and slideshows.
  4. A Storytelling Portfolio: Stay with a concept-enriched portfolio that tells the story. Make your portfolio like a storyteller’s. Upload photos and videos in the queue like they are connected to each other and are telling an impactful story. This shows creativity and concept.
  5. Stay Up-to-date: Keep updating your portfolio or resume frequently with your recent and important works. This lets the client know about your recent and important work.

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Best Photography Portfolio Examples

  1. Brooke Shaden- She is known for her emotive visuals and her storytelling photographs.
  2. Elia Locardi- He is a scenery and travel photographer. His work is known for amazing and commendable traveling photos around the world.
  3. Lara Jade- A commendable photographer with a focus on fashion and portraiture. Her portfolio showcases striking and evocating portraits of models and celebrities.
  4. Benjamin Van Wong- He is a well-known photographer for his epic and fantasy-themed photographs. His portfolio shows how art and stories can work together.


The photography industry in 2023 will demand a carefully planned portfolio. You can impress many agencies and clients with your updated and creative portfolio, showcasing your personal style of photography, professionalism, and storytelling approach to maintaining the portfolio. Use a variety of possible multimedia content to showcase your portfolio, optimize it as per the mobile view, and give it a storytelling-conceptual angle. By following these guidelines and drawing inspiration from these well-known photographers and taking the photography portfolio examples, you can help build your creative photography portfolio and also get clients attention.

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