Diploma in Public Relations & Events

Ever-growing demands of skilled Public Relations & Event Management professionals have been projected by the Public Relation and Event Consultancy Industry. Therefore, the need for formal education in this specific discipline is increasing and the surge in demand is creating new and exciting opportunity areas and avenues for students to explore. This Diploma in Public Relations and Events provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the subject of contemporary PR and the broad understanding of planning and logistics of Event Management.

In this course, students will learn from current public relations strategies by analyzing and discussing good and bad practices. The course as a whole is geared towards conveying the importance and mechanics of professional reputation management, along with how to use effective PR skills to steer any brand or business towards success. During this course, you may
develop your own public relations portfolio including news releases, pitch letters, biographies, position papers, crisis communications and other tools of a strategic public relations kit.

On the same hand, this course allows students to build their understanding of foundational knowledge, theory and methodology underpinning modern event management. The course incorporates case studies and guest speakers to provide a contemporary context for examining best practice. Course Objectives To imbibe broad organizational and real-world perspective.

  • To adopt ethical attitude and exhibit effective skills in communication, management, teamwork and leadership qualities.
  • To inculcate strong analytic, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • To have a broader perspective to apply the academic concepts on designing, implementing, delivering and manage solutions according to the clients need.

Course Outcomes 

  • Student will be able to identify the key elements of a conference and the processes involved in format and venue selection, registration, catering, accommodation, transport, theme, security and entertainment.
  • Student will be able to understand management essentials such as developing budgets, critical paths, work breakdown structures, risk mitigation and contingency planning.
  • Students will come to know the various modes and means to optimize Media Relations to become better PR Professionals and managing Events in a better way.                                     

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