Diploma in Journalism and Mass communication (DJMC)

Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication is a one year Diploma course aimed at acquainting students with all different fields of mass communication, and to train them in a rigorous environment of theory and practice based methods to develop them into skilled media professionals. This allows them to specialize in wide range of subjects including Print Journalism, Television and Radio Production, Advertising and Public Relations, Still Photography, Social Media, and Film Studies. We aim to become a prominent name in facilitating best journalism courses in India by focusing on cultivating ethical and highly skilled media professionals with constant feedback and engagement with the industry professionals & faculty members through par excellence infrastructure.

Course Objectives

  • To make students comprehend the concept of mass communication and its theories, and to encourage critical thinking, research aptitude and journalistic writing.
  • To instil advanced skills of research, reporting, writing and editing Journalistic stories in print, electric, radio and new media platforms, thereby, providing mature approach in dealing with different news stories by doing field reporting.
  • To cultivate skilled, socially responsible ethical media professionals in various fields of mass communication by providing live assignments and internship opportunities with various media outlets to practice their learning.

 Course Outcomes

Students will learn skills for research, writing and reporting in Electronic and Print media with live environment of Newsroom.

  • Students will develop basic understanding of Television & entertainment media, and will be able to exhibit presentation and writing skills on air by working on live assignments.
  • Students will learn fundamental principles of camera techniques, video editing and design & software skills to work in different mediums of mass communication.
  • Students will be well versed in conceptualizing, creation & execution, and design high quality media content for Print, TV, Radio, Films and new media.

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