Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Journalism and Mass Communication)

B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate program, which targets to provide comprehensive knowledge with a blend of practical and theoretical aspects. The course has been designed to provide holistic education in various aspects of Journalism & Mass Communication, like Print Journalism, Television Journalism, Video Editing, Radio Production, Event Management, Advertising, Public Relations, Cinema Studies and Digital Media. Through this course we strive to provide both technical and academic educational opportunities that enable individuals to become contributing members of the workforce, and adapt to the shifting demands of the workplace throughout their careers.

The course aims to nurture responsible and ethical media professionals by providing them with state-of-the-art in-house production studios and labs, PR agency, News Agency, Radio Station, as well as Newspaper and various Publications.

Course Objectives

  • To instil knowledge in students about various concepts related to Print Journalism, Television Journalism, Digital Journalism its working & software application.
  • To teach basics of writing for different media platforms.
  • To introduce student with the concept of mass communication, and other mass communication media like Theatre, Radio, Television, Cinema and New Media, and how these media are targeting their apt audience.

Course Outcomes

  • It will help students to develop skills of basic reporting and journalistic writing. Also, it will provide a platform for understanding News, Newsroom and working of a Reporter.
  • Student will learn to handle still camera, video camera and other production related equipment. Also Student will learn various stages of media production.
  • Students will able to write news for different media platforms.

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