All about making a career in the Interior Design Industry

All about making a career in the Interior Design Industry

Interior designing is the art of designing the space. Designing a space entail crafting the experience that a person will have within it. The space you live in is responsible for setting your mood and also affects your daily life activities.

In today’s world, more attention is being given to visuals for making a good impression. The study of design is rising in popularity with each passing year. Interior design is one of the popular design fields for students to concentrate on and pursue a career in.

Interior designing is a project which will help define how a particular space should be functioning, the final look, and the sense behind it. The space should be according to the people who will use it. The culture and lifestyle needs are to be taken care of.

Interior designing is a specialized field. To do interior designing, one must complete professional training and should develop a project keeping in mind the concept and global perspective. They must be able to work out the specifics and various features such as vertical and horizontal surfaces, systems, and lighting.

Job Roles for Interior Designers:

Product Designer, Furniture Designer, User Experience Designer, Interior Designer, Interior Space Consultant, Professor of Interior Design Exhibition Designer, Kitchen Designer, Lighting Designer, Architectural Technologist Production Designer, Healthcare Designer, Corporate Designer, Interior Decorators, Universal Designers, and so on.

All about making a career in the Interior Design Industry

Courses which can be pursued in Interior Designing

  • B.Des. Interior Design
  • B.Sc. Interior Design
  • M.Sc. Interior Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design

Employers in Interior Designing:

Architectural firms, Construction companies, Corporate Sector, Private Sector Firms, Interior Design companies, event management companies, theater or film companies, healthcare sector, and retailers.

Must have skills to become an Interior Designer:

Awareness: It is important to have an understanding of spaces and also keep in mind the utilization when planning interiors and ambiance.

Technical know-how: The designer must possess technical abilities, create designs for clients, and know how to operate the software.

Budget: They should know the expenditure and should be able to make budgets.

Time management: They should be able to manage calendars and should be able to complete the work before deadlines.

Creativity: Interior designers must possess the quality of creativity and have an idea about artistic styles, colors and fabrics.

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