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AAFT has been providing education in media, arts,and management for the past 30 years.

We have collaborated with various international universities to facilitate strategically planned comprehensive programs and facilities that would make the students ready for global markets. Academic collaborations create a way to share knowledge, values, technology, and research that mutually benefit the students and faculty of the partnering universities. We look forward to continuously adding more universities to our partnerships for progressive academic exchange.

USC School of Cinematic Arts

One of the most prominent media schools in the world, it is known for its strong grip over academic excellence in media, film & TV.

St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television

One of the oldest academic institutions in Russia, it is considered among Europe's largest scientific and educational centers.

UCT University of Cape Town

It is a top-ranked African university known for excellent academic research, innovation, and cutting-edge pedagogies.

LEE Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

It is a film institute well-known for advancing precise knowledge of method acting. It was founded by Lee Strasberg, the 'Father of Method Acting' in the USA.

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