Master of Arts (M.A.) (Photography)

MA Photography is an excellent postgraduate study field of 2 Years that covers basics of photography, photojournalism, advertising, plan, designer, and expressive arts photography. If you have an enthusiasm for photography and an applicable undergrad capability, or identical industry experience, this Photography degree course is your ideal method to take your innovative vocation further.

Course Objectives:

  • Our Master degree in Photography is curated to outfit you with the information, comprehension, and abilities to genuinely draw in with a mechanically and socially-advancing medium.
  • It will assist you with building the inevitably intricate and cutthroat creative and business skills.
  • It helps students to manage the extraordinary mixes of certainty, fiction, unmistakable style and specialized practices that portray the numerous types of contemporary photography, regardless of whether that is structure, a business or artistic work approach.
  • It makes them familiar with the manners by which conventional practices and advanced innovations are meeting up.
  • This PG course in Photography makes students familiar with the growing new types of photographic practices.
  • It also brings additional opportunities for the creation, distribution and presentation of photographic symbolism.

Special Training:

School of Photography provide varied opportunities for practical apprehension that will give understudies the receptiveness to wander into the master universe of photography. This includes training modules like:

  • Industry Internships
  • Project Works
  • Case Studies
  • Opportunity to learn and work under capable picture takers
  • Exhibitions
  • Photo walks
  • Concept improvement Sessions, etc.

All the school personnel are inventive specialists/ artists who have national or worldwide standing and ability. Guest speakers, specialists/creatives, keepers and scholars, additionally add to the innovative blend.

Course Outcomes:

  • Talks, classes and different conversations unite understudies in multi-disciplinary gatherings where thoughts are shared,tested,
  • Workshops and different exercises create explicit control focused abilities and understandings while instructional exercises create singular investigation directions and reactions to task errands and briefs.
  • A large part of the time understudies is occupied with independent free investigation, undertaking enquiries and examination, creating abilities, concocting and creating thoughts, acknowledging project results, investigating the social reverberation of their work. 

Career Opportunities:

After completing this 2 year course in Photography, students can work as:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Travel Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Product Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Research Scholar
  • Academician and more.

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