01 The Campus To make the students follow the changing trends of latest technology, 24x7 internet facility is available in the campus.

02 Lecture Halls The lecture halls are designed as auditoriums with step-up seating to facilitate discussions and are equipped with Computers & LCDs for effective learning.

03 Theater Halls The academic life goes beyond the curriculum. For cultural and social functions, the theatre hall with a large capacity at the campus provides an ideal platform for students...

04 Auditorium Auditorium is equipped with the most modern and audio visual facilities and can accommodate more than 250 people.

05 Knowledge Resource Centre The Knowledge Resource Centre is well-stocked with Indian and International books and journals covering all areas of management, commerce etc.

06 Sports Facility The healthy body acts as a catalyst in the process of gaining knowledge. The sports facilities facilitate the students in strengthening their physical energy level as well as in fostering team spirit.

07 Cafetria The vibrant and intelligent minds fueled with the passion to excel need a rich and hygienic diet. The Institute provides canteen facilities within the campus.

08 Centre of Information Technology The computer lab is connected with 2 Mbps leased line internet connection, has latest software and operating systems and other peripherals facilitates the budding...

Class Rooms: 1-16

  • 16 Air-conditioned Class Rooms
  • Digital Interactive Boards
  • High Lumens Projectors with Projection Screens
  • Plasmas

Library :

  • More than 4000 books on every aspect of film making
  • More than 50 Magazine covering latest technology and news
  • More than 20 news papers for Radio and News
  • More than 1000 DVDs on Classics

Air-conditioned, Acoustically Treated Film Studios and Theaters:

  • T.V. studios (1A and 1B) : 45x24x13
  • Screening theater (1D) : 50x30x70
  • Film shooting floor (1E) : 57x36x22
  • Low Rise TV studio (1C) : 45x24x10
  • Mini TV training studio (Studio 1) : 45x22x13
  • Mini film training studio (Studio 3) : 45x22x13
  • Mini preview theater (Studio 5) : 45x22x20
  • Film studio for chroma (Studio 7) : 45x22x20
  • Screening studio (Studio 9) : 45x25x20
  • Photography studio (Studio 6) : 45x22x20
  • Cell animation studio (Studio 8) : 45x22x20
  • Mini preview heater (G9) : 40x20x18

Other Facilities:

  • Cafeteria / open cafeteria
  • Conference rooms
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Rehearsal hall
  • Deluxe make-up room
  • Research centre
  • Film club
  • Outdoor shooting facility
  • Spacious garden
  • First-aid and medical
  • Sets & properties for film shooting
  • Private screening rooms
  • WiFi enabled campus