About Us

Where the Print Media, Internet, Television and Radio Broadcasting
come together to produce effective Journalism

AAFT University School of Mass Communication is a premier Indian institute of mass communication representing the liberal arts of the 21st century. This Institute has one of the largest college-level combinations of media-sector programmes in northern India. AAFT integrates academic study with hands-on exploration in media-making. The School is simultaneously academic and pragmatic. It roots production in research and critical analysis, while incorporating the creative potential of media scholarship. We create a place that provides “consumer education for the minds and emotions of the audience for all media”. AAFT University School of Mass Communication is a logical home for the media center with a history of progressive education.

Programme Core Values

Journalism and Mass Communication programmes at AAFT University School of Mass Communication & Mass Media are designed to recognize and heighten awareness of the core values our institution has already practiced and articulated. Our programmes are all about:

  • Establishing the essential relationship between media theory and media practice
  • Recognizing specific qualities and inter-relationship between various media forms
  • Respect for aesthetic, critical, and pragmatic dimensions of communication
  • Attention to the ethical imperatives of communication throughout the world
  • Appreciation of the ways in which media theory and media practice can contribute to intercultural global understanding
  • Acknowledgment of today’s challenging marketplace conditions
  • Openness to change and innovation

Programme Focus

AAFT University has a variety of resources and services to assist the students in selecting courses that fit well with their intended goals. We offer a variety of full-time programmes, including undergraduate degree courses, post-graduate degree courses, post-graduate diploma courses and short term diploma courses to help students plan their transition and be successful in the media professions. The course curriculum integrates the study of media theory and management with the production practices. All our Mass Communication programmes are based on a solid history of mass media and assist students in developing a critical understanding of today’s mediated culture.

Career Skills Development

Our institute is the new age Journalism School and ranks among the top journalism colleges of India. We strive to provide both technical and academic educational opportunities that enable individuals to become contributing members of the workforce, and adapt to the shifting demands of the workplace throughout their careers.

Life Enrichment Experience

AAFT University School of Mass Communication is committed to develop outstanding media managers and media creators for films, television, radio, print and multimedia, as well as the creative advertising and enthusiastic marketing professionals. Our standards are high, as are our students’ performance expectations. We enroll the best, and produce qualified graduates with the skills most sought after by the industry. While we enjoy the recognition of being the best mass communication college in India our efforts are highly focused on providing all our students with courses that enrich their life while they learn.

Student Mentoring & Assistance

The school facilitates a professional but friendly and relaxed environment for all its students to explore traditional disciplines, develop a strong commitment to research and critical analysis, create and develop media, perhaps transcending the traditional formats. Through various programmes students learn how to work across media formats, theories, and methodologies, seeking the right “tools for the task,” whether that task is academic, creative, or professional.

The institute’s infrastructure comprises of state-of-the-art digital facilities for students to inculcate desired technical skills to produce media in a variety of forms and genres. It also consists of many in-house facilities as production studio and lab, PR agency, news agency, media club, radio station, as well as newspaper and publications.

Our students get training from dedicated and knowledgeable professionals from the fields of media, mass communication and journalism. Apart from the institute’s experienced faculty, students also receive mentoring and knowledge-sharing sessions from the guest faculty and international visiting faculty, which include distinguished scholars, producers, artistes, and entrepreneurs.

AAFT University appreciates your interest in the Mass Communication programmes and welcomes the applicants from all walks of life who are eager to gain the theoretical and practical expertise that is necessary to reach their goals.