Board of Directors


Nirmal Kulkarni, an alumni of the Academy of Architecture graduated in 1980 & co-founded the firm AUM Architects which is a collaborative design practice now based in Gurgaon, NCR, New Delhi, INDIA. Projects largely centre around private residences, institutional facilities and corporate spaces. The practice prides itself on innovative design and have been recipients of awards in National Architectural Design Competitions.

The works, built and un-built, reflect the goal of evolving an architecture which enables one to heighten the sensory experience. This is achieved by weaving an intricate web of spaces which harmonize the hierarchy of volume, scale, materiality, color, & technology, aiming to reach a synthesis in the built world.

Nirmal has also been shortlisted for the International design competition by Japan Design Foundation and has been invited to design the cover page for their magazine – DESIGN SCENE. The cover illustration called upon the Design Community to help in sending a warning message to humankind about the projected state of the Earth in case we carry on our present rampage of the Natural Resources.