Life @ Raipur

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Living in Raipur

Raipur city of Chhattisgarh state at present becomes the beautiful blend of traditional lifestyle and modern culture.


Distance from the sea and altitude of the state have been persuading the Raipur region’s climate. Rains are gorgeous and one of the best seasons. Raipur gets its rainfall from the south west monsoon winds mostly from July to early October. Winters are cool and pleasant from November to January though minimum can fall to 50c. The sounds of rain water gushing through the drains on streets, the water dropping on the roof it’s a pleasant music in itself. Watch the little birds and animals like squirrels, cats, crows, mynas, pigeons, occupy the window slab’s and branches to protect themselves from rain and some of them meditating on the electric poles in rain are an enjoyable or pleasurable at Raipur city.


The local people love to speak in their native language viz. Chhattisgarhi, however Hindi plays a vital role.

Food and Drinks

Raipur is the Rice bowl of the Country. Food in Raipur involves the use of curd and a range of green vegetables. Dals or lentils are also used to cook delectable spicy and non spicy foods. Bafauri, a dissimilarity of channa dal is served with rice and roti. Wheat, maize and Jowar are the indispensable diets of the inhabitants of Raipur. The people can taste Tribal category of Raipur food while have a visit in Chhattisgarh. Petha is a kind of exquisite sweet dish which is cooked by the Chhattisgarh tribes. Tribes savor a delicacy made from the fruit of a local tree named Mahuwa. Made up of sugar, yeast, flour, saffron and water, jalebi is a much loved dish of every inhabitant of the state. Furthermore there are number of fast food, restaurants and eatery joints which provides from local dishes to international cuisines.


Raipur is best place for living and developing by leaps and bounds. This city has the world class amenities and Migrants can find nearby Pakka residential colony. Residential are beautiful and serene in its own way. Prominent localities for accommodation are Naya Raipur, Shankar nagar, Vidhansabha road, Malviya road,station road and G.E road. There are few landmarks such as the TV Tower, also known as the Doordarshan Kendra, The Town Hall, Ghadi Chowk ,etc. Roads were wide and so light traffic. Streets were as clean as mirror and on the top, anyone can roam around the city at 10:00 pm and still feel safe. The city never experiences power cuts. The local transportation such as auto riksha fair is very cheap.

Getting Around

Raipur Marine Drive, lake in the centre of the city in Telibandha is a great place with a small lake, street food, and a boulevard to walk. The city has around 11–15 malls, Ambuja Mall, City Centre, just to name a few. There are no of temples and historic sites to visit. Though considered a North Indian city, Raipur had all varieties of vegetables and leaves. People are happy and by religion celebrate all festivals. Also the folk dance here is very colorful, energetic and popular. The river Mahanadi, Godavari, Indravati, Rihand, Sukha , Arpa, Hasdo, Shivnath, Vadandi, Mand and Kelo move through uneven topography giving rise to gorgeous waterfalls. Chitrakot Waterfall Jagdalpur, Tirathgarh Falls, Thamada Ghumar Falls Bastar, Charre-Marre Falls Kanker and many others have become famous place of attraction. It has the Paradise of snow amidst virgin hills. Southern side of the city has dense forest which is a wonderful haunt for naturalists. Furthermore it is a perfect destination inhabited by the enigmatic flowers, wrapped with dense green serene forest rich with flora and fauna. World class infrastructure, unmatchable luxury, advanced amenities and services at a stone throw distance will delightful and smoothen everyone lifestyle and make life simple by leaps and bounds. There is an old saying in English,” Home is where the heart is”. It’s true at RAIPUR..