Diploma/PG Diploma in Hotel Management



This course is designed to introduce the major concept of hotel industry so that student will develop general knowledge on the origins and development of food service in hotels, restaurants and institutions along with the knowledge of housekeeping and front office. This Diploma in Hotel Management will develop confidence and reduce public fear from the minds of students willing to be hospitality professional.


This course will develop the knowledge of hotel industry, its different departments and their importance. This will make students to understand about the Back Office Operations of F&B Service Department in depth and they will also get to know about the functioning of different departments of F&B Service. Students will be able to understand the importance of housekeeping procedures with the key concept & theories of Food Production & Culinary Arts and different sales and marketing skills. They would be able to increase the ability to use digital technology (computers) in Hotels more effectively.


Practical/Productions is offered

Four days in a week practical classes for each department.

  • Kitchen Practical - Different Cuisine Preparations.
  • Bakery Practical - Different types breads, cookies, and cakes preparation.
  • Housekeeping Practical - Flower arrangements, Towel art, Cleaning procedures, Use of different equipment.
  • Front Office Practical - Welcoming of guest, Reservation Activities, Role play
  • F&B Service Practical - Restaurant set up, Styles of services, Order taking, Mocktails & Cocktails making.


On completion of this 1 year course in Hotel Management, students will have knowledge and understanding of the principles of Food & Beverage Service so that they can be put to use in an efficient & effective way. Students will attain a thorough understanding of the overall concepts of all the departments of a hotel. They will also understand the vital role of the hotel operations and customer service relation. Along with the hotel operations, they will also learn the importance of nutrition in culinary arts, menu planning and restaurant service.


  • Hotel Industry
  • Retail Sectors
  • Cruise Liners
  • Guest Relation Executives
  • Airlines Crew
  • Airlines Catering
  • Hospitality Administration &Catering

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