Bachelors in Tourism & Travel Management



This course is designed to impart the basic and advanced knowledge of Travel and tourism industry. It will help students to understand the importance of the tourism industry. This 4 year tourism degree course deals with varied aspects of tourism and ancillary topics like the economics of tourism, hospitality, destination planning, tourism products, ticketing, transportation, and more. It will introduce students with the concept of Tourism Products and its importance in the tourism market.


Tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. It has made rapid advances in recent years. The aim of this Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) is to help students to develop skills for managing different functional divisions of tourism sector effectively. This course will help them to get a thorough understanding of the components of the tourism industry and to acquire knowledge and information pertaining to this field. It will help students to orient and equip students with Travel Management skills of the new age. This course also aims to develop hospitality culture and behavior and to enhance student competencies.


Students will be sent for the industrial training program in the fourth semester, and on-the-job training in the final semester of the course.

Field Visits/ Classroom Activities

  • Monument visits
  • Adventure site visits
  • Role plays
  • Group discussion & JAM Sessions
  • Travel quiz


On completion of this program, student will have knowledge and understanding of global and regional tourism, one will be able to understand, identify and analyze what motivates people to travel and how accordingly the tourist segments develop. Since the field is growing rapidly, you may find ample opportunities in the private as well as the government sector. Students may even choose to go for advanced studies such as postgraduate diploma or degree courses in tourism and hotel management. 


  1. Travel agency and tour operations
  2. Reservations & Ticketing
  3. Airlines Cabin Crew and Ground Staff,
  4. Hospitality Industry-Front office Executive, Housekeeping
  5. Resorts and Restaurants
  6. Travel Desk & Concierge
  7. Cruise Liners
  8. Guest Relations Executive
  9. Self-employed (entrepreneur)
  10. Hospitality services in various MNCs

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