About Us

AAFT University's School of Hospitality and Tourism is dedicated to provide industry-relevant courses and professional training in the fields of Hotel Management and Tourism Management.

This hospitality and tourism management college in India is established keeping in mind the global market trends and the forecasted 8% growth of Indian tourism industry in the next 10 years. With the ever increasing number of travel for business and leisure, the long term outlook for the hotel & hospitality industry is indeed positive. There is a great demand for the management professionals by the hotels, resorts, restaurants owners, catering departments of airlines, cruise ships, railways, armed forces, educational institutions and corporate house etc.

Our school of hospitality offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Hotel Management as well as in Travel and Tourism Management. For the students interested in short-term programmes, we have one year Diploma in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management and other specialized areas. During the course tenure, students undergo on-the-job-training, which gives them excellent exposure of the industry and helps in their suitable placement.

School of Hospitality and Tourism boasts a faculty of experienced members making it among the top hotel management colleges and travel and tourism institutes in India.