From President’s Desk


AAFT has grown as one of the finest institutions not only in India but also abroad. The academy has evolved from strength, meeting the challenges of new millennium and further empowering our education and practical training programmes in order to make them more responsive to the market realities. The trials and tribulations involved in ensuring that our young students make a niche for themselves in the media and entertainment industry has been a very rewarding experience. We cherish our achievements through success of our students.

Authentic fame and popularity always travel by the word of mouth and in our case this has spread to overseas also. AAFT’s high professional standards have come in for praise from all walks of life. Students from 120 countries have enrolled in our training programmes at some stage or the other, a large percentage being from Europe, Middle East, Far East and the Pacific Rim regions, and not to forget those from our neighbouring countries. The ever sprawling campus and infrastructure has an international milieu and flavour.

AAFT School of Performing Arts is one of its kinds in the country devoted to music education, its history and aesthetics. We have expanded our focus on music studies to enable you to refine your skills (composition, theory, performance and recording) and broaden your musical knowledge and understanding. Our academic programmes are tailored to give you unrivalled breadth of content and flexibility, allowing you to focus on particular areas of passion as well as developing your skills and creating well-rounded, confident musicians.

Choosing a career path should be driven by the desire of what one really wants to do, so choose to ‘learn what you love’. Music is such a versatile art that it opens up a variety of career path choices. Several special initiatives in the field of media and entertainment, such as global exchange program for students, collaboration with international media faculty and experts, global film festivals, have enabled us provide a platform for showcasing remarkable talent.

This institution stands for its promise to be a trendsetter in the field of media arts education. We passionately assume the responsibility of giving a nurturing environment to every student so as to enable them realize their goals in an increasingly competitive world where continuous learning and up-skilling have become essential. We are indeed indebted to all our faculty members, visiting professors and members of the cinematic and TV industry for their keen interest and support to our students. A special thanks to our large international faculty for the regular knowledge-exchange.

We hope this overview of the School, its core values, its programmes and its collaborations with the industry will pique your interest. We encourage you to carefully explore the AAFT website and take the next step in ‘creating your tomorrow’.