About Us

The journey of AAFT University School of Cinema from a film training institute to be among the top film schools in India is a tribute to our modern approach towards film making, editing and photography courses. Strategically structured around various interconnected disciplines like camera & lighting, direction, editing, acting, still photography, sound recording, art direction, script writing and script development, our curriculum benchmarks the most advanced standards.

Our vision to set new standards for the best film academies in India requires diving deep into the dynamics of the world of cinema. Our school of cinema is amongst the topmost film and television institutes of India for a wide range of specialized postgraduate and graduate degree programmes and a number of short term courses. The campus has state-of-the-art infrastructure for the students which includes acoustically treated shooting studios, still photography studio, post-production lab equipped with the cutting edge software, preview theatres, high definition cameras, print and animation labs, newspaper, radio station, IPTV and much more.