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AAFT University of Media and Arts offers Degree as well as Diploma Courses for students who hold a keen interest in Mass Communication and wish to make a career in this field.

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Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Diploma & PG Diploma

Duration: 3 Years

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Duration: 2 Years

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Duration: 1 Year

  • PG Diploma in TV Journalism & Communication
  • Diploma in Journalism and Mass communication (DJMC)
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

Duration: 3 Months

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AAFT Alumni

Ajay Kumar

Newsreader ( News Nation/Aajtak )

Sandeep Kouchar

TV Presenter ( Zee TV )

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Journalist ( MP Rajya Sabha )

Preeti Tripathi

Newsreader ( Bhopal Doordarshan )

Ria Singh

News Reporter ( Times Now )

Master Workshops Through Renowned Journalists at AAFT

In-House Productions

Practical Labs
Radio Station
Journalism Festival
Marwah Studios

Practical Labs

  • Students learn to render different scenes and sequences without loss of content.
  • They edit shots for enhancing image quality, sound, lighting, etc.
  • At post-production lab, they learn to weave different shots into a logical & influential movie.

Chroma Studios

Interview Studios

Radio Station

  • As a radio station for the community, Radio Noida 107.4 FM gives voice to the listeners on various issues concerning them and focus on community well-being issues relating to education, health, environment, and agriculture & rural and community development.

Audio Studios

On Air Studios

Journalism Festival

  • Global Festivals are the powerful medium through which students get to know about the current practices of good Journalism.
  • They get a platform for practical exposure through different industry-relevant activities during the events.

Journalism Festival 01

Journalism Festival 02

Still Photography Studio

  • Photography techniques help students to gain in-depth understanding of the objects, images, lighting, etc.
  • They get practical exposure through which they learn the knacks of camera operations.
  • This helps both, the one who is in front of camera and the one who is behind, to understand and enhance the impact of the shots, camera angles and movements.

Post Production Lab

Post Production Lab

Marwah Studios

  • Marwah Studios is rigorously involved in the production of films, short-films, documentaries and music videos.
  • It provides students a platform to gain live exposure of different activities associated with the media industry.
  • Students gain practical skills of making commercial and feature films, ads and other videos.
  • In-House Film Studios | In-House Online TV | In-House Radio | In-House Newspaper | In-House News Agency | In-House PR Agency | In-House Photography Studios

In-House Film Studios

MSTV - Online Channel

Projects by AAFT Students

Multi-cam Shoot

ENG - Electronic News Gathering

  • ENG is a broadcast news industry description of television producers, reporters and editors making use of electronic video and audio technologies for gathering & presenting news.
  • Students are provided with both theoretical and practical exposure on ENG tools and techniques.

Electronic News Gathering 01


  • A documentary film is a non-fictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality.
  • Students learn the content, stages and technicalities of documentary making through training by industry experts.


  • Conducting interviews and understanding its important elements for news stories is an essential skill for any journalist.
  • Students learn the techniques and skills of conducting interesting interviews that are meaningful for the audience.

Interview 01

Interview 02

Multi-camera Shoot

  • Multi-cameras are employed on the set to simultaneously record or broadcast a show.
  • Students can gain specialized exposure of multiple camera setup and multiple camera mode of production.

Multi-camera Shoot 01

Multi-camera Shoot 02

AAFT Showreel

School of Mass comm.


Our vision to set new standards for the best film and media academy in India requires diving deep into the dynamics of the media industry. Our School of Journalism and Mass Communication is amongst the top institutes of India which offers a wide range of specialized postgraduate and graduate degree programs and short term courses.

Student Placements and Reviews

The Last of us

“People say that an institution achieves its name through its academics for which faculties are solely responsible. Join ASMS as it has well trained and highly qualified faculty that provides high end industry based training and prepare the students accordingly.”


The Last of us

“My journey with ASMS is like a flower blooming in the correct environment. The school has provided me with the right amount of support, motivation and opportunities to groom my talent. The faculties are blessed with vast knowledge and we too are blessed of having studied under their guidance. I am proud to be a part of ASMS.”


The Last of us

“My role was for coordinating and arranging interviews. I was closely working with the production coordinator. I had a great experience in terms of reporting and production. It gave me an insight to the process of production. It was very important learning experience.”


The Last of us

“During internship, I learned about how to design the layout of the newsletter. I also learnt various types of news - hard news, soft news and human interest news. I came to know how to broadcast a news better. How news reporter are sent to different spots to cover the information and how people work in newsroom etc.”


Placement Tie-Ups

The Last of us
Mirror Edge
The Last of us
The Last of us
Mirror Edge
The Last of us