Master of Arts (M.A.) Cinema

An intensive two-year course in the heart of Raipur, the MA Cinema course trains to a professional level in a full range of filmmaking skills. Students leave with a portfolio of direction, cinematography, sound, editing, art direction and producing on at least 8-10 films - usually many more. The university produces around 100 films each year on this particular programme.

Learning is based around short film production. The university nurtures the skill base for each production, providing the equipments and training students to new levels in each of the various craft skills. Students make all aesthetic decisions, while solving problems similar to those faced by professional units, with an approach to work under increasing difficulty levels. The work is constantly monitored and critiqued by faculties.

Students learn by applying themselves to genuine aesthetic problems generated by the actual process of filmmaking. This is why this course pushes through so many productions so that the students have more opportunities to work on films than they can realistically take up.



  1. Direction
  2. Screenwriting
  3. Editing
  4. Art Direction
  5. Film Studies
  6. Cinematography
  7. Acting

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