Master of Arts in Advertising & Brand Communication

M.A. in Advertising and Brand Communication is a two year degree program This is an advanced degree option for students that want to learn more about the exciting world of marketing and advertising. This course will help students learn how to communicate effectively with customers and also learn marketing techniques that will enable them to better persuade and sometimes convince customers to purchase goods. Those students who are creative and business oriented can pursue this degree. Also, there are different programs to help students gain further specialization. They can study international advertising, creative advertising, online advertising, and more.

There are many benefits that come with a Master in Advertising. When you would understand how to advertise effectively, you would be able to make a big impact within a company. This will help you to be in demand among prospective employers. During your education, you will enjoy the topics covered and find it to be extremely rewarding.

Course objectives

  • It will develop understanding of workings of the Advertising industryincluding Sociology of the Media, Communications and Audience Theories and Research Methods.
  • It will develop specific skills in advertising through Writing.
  • Instigate students to create high-quality advertisements content and develop effective strategies related to it.
  • To facilitate understanding of conceptual framework of Marketing and its applications in decision making under various environmental constraints.
  • To develop understanding on Consumer and business buying behavior
  • Developing skills to understand Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and develop strategy

Course outcome

  • To create awareness and educate students to examine past and current trends/thinking in terms of the international advertising industry. It enables critically to evaluate and synthesize information related to the international advertising industry. It will demonstrate a depth of knowledge and understanding of the organization of the event industry and its different stakeholders. Moreover it gives a sound understanding of main jobs and competences required in the advertising industry.
  • To make the student comprehend the concept of Advertising and the multiple aspects related to it. To also inform students about laws and ethics that govern, restricts and at the same time provide better work environment to the professionals.
  • The basic objective of this subject is to imbibe the knowledge of Accounting Principles helpful to understand the financial strength essential in advertising. The creation of Trial Balance and the Balance sheet is the livewire of any Event Management organization. Assets and Liabilities are the key concepts of Accounting. To know the calculation of Profit dynamics and basic knowledge of Cost Accounting and Ratio Analysis is required to take managerial decisions.
  • This subject aims to offer the overview of the functioning of an organization set up in Advertising industry.
  • Advertising is considered as the most influential activity of marketing these days. This course is designed to help students become successful AD professionals.
  • Professional work culture is different from the classroom, this module will help the students to transform and understand the day- to-day office etiquettes and corporate behavioral skills.

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