Diploma in Instrument

Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass, Tabla & Violin

AAFT Instrumental Diploma Program is designed to develop professional level technique and musicianship through various intensive performance and immersive industry experiences. Instrumental music classes are taught by Industry professionals and students will get trained in the basics of Instrument playing that includes performance, ear training, Improvisation & soloing in variety of contemporary genres - styles.

Diploma course outline: AAFT Instrumental course covers musical performances, technical work and tests. Students has to prepare Six pieces

(Four of which may be student Choice Pieces) and the contents of the Technical Exercise section. Content:

  1. Sight Reading or an Improvisation & Interpretation test
  2. instrument specific Ear Tests
  3. General Musicianship Questions

AAFT organizes 4 Global festival opportunities for each and every student towards a certificate performance. AAFT also provides a solo album deal for the high achievers from Production to release.