Diploma in Camera & Lighting Techniques

AAFT University is a Media & Arts University providing courses in Various arts Stream. Our innovative program in Camera & Lighting Techniques is designed for a new generation of Film makers. Motion Images leave an Impactful and Long lasting impression on the human mind. Motion Picture finds extensive use in media work. Mass media professionals have to learn the Techniques of Motion photography and to apply the theory to practical problems in Camera & Lighting Techniques Subject. The students will Acquire Knowledge about the use and significance of Video Camera and Techniques How Principal Photography is done.

The students will learn about the core subject of Lighting and Theoretical Aspects of its techniques.  The Subject will focus on the establishment and survival of cinema- both International and Indian Cinema. The students will understand how and why we Move Camera and do some suitable Lighting. This will prepare the students to individually direct and produce one production exercises like mise-en-scene or any other and make them understand how to use different elements like movements, camera, lighting, make-up, sets, props etc. in the composition of a frame or shot.

As Camera & Lighting Technique is the medium through which we express ourselves or tell a story in the audio-visual medium like Cinema. Coupled with Lighting, Cinematography not only is instrumental in telling a story but also plays a very important part in projecting the mindscape, mood and character of the story or a scene. It is a highly technical and creative art and goes hand in hand with Lighting Techniques. Lighting for Cinema and Television is much more than merely illuminating the subject. It helps to interpret the character, story and the mood. This programme is designed to give practical experience to students in all aspects of Camera & Lighting Techniques Subject:

  • Understanding a DSLR and Video Camera
  • Understanding and Controlling Exposure
  • Lighting Techniques and Exposure Tricks

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