CMO’s Message


Puneet Jindal

AAFT University of Media and Arts will provide you the skills you will need for a wide variety of opportunities. The education and training programs will help you to understand the significance of education and to become a thoughtful and socially responsible expert professional
We believe that quality education is not the ultimate destination, instead is a perpetual journey to inculcate improvement and bring a paradigm shift in the education system. With the excellence in education, the group has been a benchmark against the best education foundations in India for years.
At AAFT, Noida we impart quality education via various different UG/PG and Diploma programs. With a number of landmark initiatives, we have trained over 17000 students from more than 120 countries across the globe. We believe to lead by example and have institutionalized policies and practices to attain innovative and pioneering levels in media & arts education. We specialize not only in providing in- depth knowledge but also subject expertise through industry integration and in- house training. I am confident that students would be significantly benefitted by the state-of-the-art amenities provided by our group. To ease the process of attaining information online, we are working to provide a dynamic and user- friendly website integrated with all vital information pertaining to our courses. We intend to provide students with an amicable and welcoming experience & enable them to thrive as working professionals.With best wishes for your success in your studies at the AAFT University of Media & Arts and the professional life thereafter!.