Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Advertising & Brand Communication)


This course has been structured with a mission to have a holistic view of diversified practical and applicable concepts of Advertising and Brand Communication that includes decoding of different types of market segmentations as per the specific category , understanding the concept of Advertising, its creativity, viewing competition on a 360 degree outlook, consumer behavior, brand building and optimizing the strategy of Integrated Marketing Communication to escalate the corporate image on one side and Brand image on the other to elevate sales and ultimately increasing profit exponentially. In fact understanding these fundamentals makes a student confident in exploiting the concepts of category segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiating Branding strategies, required to structure the landscape of effective marketing and branding communication for the organization. The course also focuses on digital marketing tools and concepts and their applications to attack the competitors from all sides and excel Banding and create an everlasting bond between the product and consumers.

Programme Educational Objectives:   

  1. To develop the habit of observing all sorts of advertising around to increase acumen in this field to have a broader perspective of these Advertisement concepts.
  2. To imbibe the genes of Creativity to make an Advertising look dignified, graceful, and impactful to beat its competitions in its peers.
  3. To inculcate a theme to tie the knot of emotions of the clients with its product to foster Branding.
  4. To understand the marketing Research base and to decode the liking and disliking of the potential clients doing market segmentation and analysis.
  5. To infuse the concept of Branding highlighting the product’s USP to escalate sales and maximizing Profit through Digital and off line marketing means.

Programme Outcomes:

  1. The students will enable to do creativity part in crafting their Advertising concepts.
  2. The students can have a robust research base to know exactly what is to be done to beat the competitors.
  3. The students can utilize Branding concepts to have a cut above the edge to maximize sales.
  4. The students can do the market segmentation to launch new products with their USPs to hike sales and doing the essentialities required for Brand Identity to enjoy the fruits of Brand Equity.
  5. The concept of Digital marketing can be optimized to have Global Brand recognition.

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